Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm back

It is the oddest thing returning to somewhere you have previously been.
To think there was a time you existed in this exact same place but you were different.
I have not written a blog post for about 3 years! I have grown and changed so much as a person since 2013 and I think I'm ready to start blogging again. I find blogging just a good outlet to talk about things I like and to let my thoughts go.
I thought about deleting everything and starting again but I think I should just continue on, after all I am still me.

Looking back the significant changes have been;
1. I am no longer in the same relationship I was in 2013 although it did last all up for 3 years.
2. I have had a few different jobs but have moved into a new role late last year which challenges me and involves travel (one of my loves woohoo)
3. I have moved out of home and back again (saving to buy a place!)
4. I have cut a lot of poisonous people out of my life
5. I am now big on health and fitness (I even go hiking which is something 2013 Cecilia was not big on)
6. I love breakfast and it is my favourite meal! (I never used to even eat breakfast a few years ago :O)
7. I love tea now and baths. So relaxing. So good.
8. I've also become a wear a watch every day person. Yes. It has happened
9. I never thought of myself this way but I have realised that I am a very organised person. I like planning and I like things a certain way.
10. I am a red wine drinker (I couldn't even stomach a drop of this previously)
11. I have travelled to Asia, America, Mexico, Europe and around Australia and don't plan to stop. I would like to do South America for my next big trip.
12. I enjoy cooking and am now capable of feeding myself nutritiously haha
The rest is surprisingly pretty consistent. I still have the same main best mates (with some new additions since 2013!)
 (so much love here for them)

I have travelled more and I still want to get the most out of life- I am even more driven now.

I will still be blogging about the same things; life, style, shopping, make-up/hair, food and also now fitness and health. I think my style has changed and also my life style so expect new vibes :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

naked love

So I am a bit behind on the urban decay bandwagon but purchased the naked palette and am loving it!
eyeshadow look:
inner lid - virgin
outer lid - sidecar
crease - toasted

On wednesday night i went to swedish house mafia- most amazing concert ever!!! was so fun

Monday, January 14, 2013

hello 2013

hello loves!
its another year and already the days are going so fast. i'm feeling positive about 2013 and although already its thrown some sad news at me- i'm hoping it'll sort itself out.

on new years eve to welcome in the new year i was chilling at the boy's house
 was lots of fun! :) just being silly and chilling outs.

celebrated the boy's 22nd birthday on saturday
yum cupcakes! :)

Took him to Berth restaurant in docklands for lunch. was yummy and had really nice views at the venue :)

also caught up with one of my close friends ellen and had a girls night! woohoo :)

gettng into shopping for make up again and need to control myself as saving for my holiday to america/mexico/europe mid this year. loving these nail polishes though:
 pretty colors and dries really quick! :) 

 me and my lil bro being silly at christmas

 my bestfriend surprised me with my christmas present. I always wanted one of these swings and i love it! will def make these summer nights chilling outside great :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

smoothie love

So another week has passed involving some new likes (instagram, home made smoothies, cute shoes and bargain shopping!)
and adventures (dnms with the bestie over life's ups and downs, bbqs and the good ol' friend drink up get togethers)
my fav take away avocado smoothie! yum!
my home made strawberry & banana smoothie version ♥ when a craving for smoothies hit at 10pm and no take away smoothie place was open.

cc thinks that when the weather is cold some retail therapy is needed :)
meet some new wardrobe additions:
i love cute flats, im such a shorty but lately i've been choosing the comfy flat over the high heel. does anyone know any recommendations for good quality ballet flats/cheap bargain flats? 

on saturday me and the bestie had an outing involving of seriously yummy food (laksa king!) and bargain shopping (supre outlet!) 

epic winter time toocoldtobeoutside-decluttering resulted in this:
 it's been the longest time since i cleaned out my shoe stand! chucked out half of the shoes which i dont wear and dusted and organized :)

 hello new iphone case! :) 

winter time outfit. 
knit - mink pink / singlet - kmart / leggings - ozmosis / boots - tony bianco

toodles lovelies! :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

road trip weekend

went up to the boy's family farm in ballan and frolicked in gumboots, 
had a bbq at a park near some waterfalls and then visited the chocolate mill in daylesford.  :)