Sunday, July 19, 2009

in case i don't get a's plan B !

ignoring my throbbing ankle, need to sleep and huge pile of incomplete hw; i have devised something that might make me less emo. my originally "10 goals for this yr" fell through- as with most 'new yr resolutions', they never last. but i'd like to try again and this time, maybe be more realistic.
#1 no more dragging things on; you say it then, and you do it there. --this may lead to consequences which don't appeal to you but, you deal with them as they come okay?
#2 no shopping when upset or angry. instead blog or read a book.
#3 purchases over $50 must go on my blog wishlist for a week before i can purchase them
#4 define change, if you're unhappy with something; do something about it. don't take the easy way out. it'll come back and haunt you
#5 it's not all about looks cecilia. care more about your personality. let people know you.
#6 let's define perfection now; perfection = your best attempt. so whatever your best attempt is at that moment in time; that is perfection. then and there. you have it love ♥
#7 let yourself have a cry once in a while, make some mistakes, forget some things, hurt some feelings unintentionally. live! you're only human
#8 don't give up on things that are definitely worthwhile. just don't.
#9 ignore the idiots. no one cares, and you shouldn't either. it honestly doesn't fucking matter what they think, they're just words. you're still who you really are no matter what they say or think.
#10 concentrate on now, prioritize, it's never been your greatest strength prioritizing but deep inside you know what's most important in that moment, so concentrate on that. block out the distractions. chances they'll be there when you've succeeded in what you had to do, deal with them then.


  1. you said you replied to my comment but i cant find it? perhaps if your going to tell me you replied on my blog ... maybe you should just reply on my blog. coz i dont even know where i commented :(


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