Monday, September 7, 2009

pretty nails bebe

reading: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (just started this)
was begining to read at bus stop after school when fat T* (fat in a very cool way! ka-chinnnggg!) came outta nowhere and surprised me. so i kinda ended up ditching the book to talk to him. can't believe i've never talked to him till steph partnered us for her 18th bday deb. he's a cool cookie! funny and he wants to a chef!
oh & beware; toes/feet exposed ahead! dw i have very clean, nice (or as far as feet go anyway :p) feet.

wearing OPI jewel of india on toes. stupid mark/scar on my left foot is from falling over while pigging backing Andrew N. @ my last bday party. grrrr now it won't go. any recs to make it disappear?
wearing OPI mod about you on my tips ♥ a pale dolly pink. kinda like pink liquid paper ;D
also, looking for a powder as summer is coming and the weather is warming and i sweat like hell. my skin just loves releasing those natural oils. so any recs for a good oil controlling powder that i don't have to reapply during the day?


  1. zomg i looooove your toe nail polish! that is such a gorgeous colour!
    and i cant really recommend a powder for u coz i dont even know how/when to use powder :P i think ill learn this summer. with my awesome new maybelline dream matte powder :D

  2. ok so first, love the nails
    and second I LOVE Sarah Dessen! She is an amazing author!

  3. i use tmat shine control by chanel or the one by YSL which also could be used as an eye base. then once i put foundation, i apply my jurlique silk finishing powder which i LVoe. it really mattifies the skin :)

  4. <3 opi! and nice posing btw. :) lol.

  5. love the nail colors ! and is the book great ? :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥