Saturday, October 10, 2009

wild flower

vintage Chloé silk smock, random waist belt, mollini leather flats.

aaah so the weekend has begun, i can't summon the energy or will power to do any school work (pathetic, i know, but oh well) so i've pretty much been reading and bumming around all day.
*yawns, for some reason i woke up extra early today. very very unusual for me, i was up at 9am. i mean com'on! where's my sleep in? i think my school waking up routine has got to me. i can't wait till all this exam crap is over. argh! i'm hungry...i suddenly have this weird craving for nutella on toast (i think i may be addicted) but we're outta toast/bread. damn it!

+ how cute are these harauku lovers winter edition fragrances?
i want 'love' & maybe 'music' judging by just the packaging. i'll have to smell them in person though!
and my latest purchase which i am in LOVE with.
mink pink ashley skirt.
last one in size 8 which i picked up! i'm normally an 8-10, but the 10 was sold out so i got the last 8. it was either the 8 or 12 or 14. and 12 & 14's have always been my downfall, i buy them, they never fit/fall off my hips and they just sit there never to be worn as i'm too lazy to alter them.


  1. Cecilia! I just adore your blog, you have a talent with make-up that I really don't possess at all!

    Charlotte (aka, vegas.wall.flower on VF)

  2. A vintage Chloe dress? I'm jealous! It's so pretty, as is the skirt.

    I find I can't do work on weekends either anymore. Oh well, at least only a month or so until exams finish (or is that a bad thing?!). And yeah, fingers crossed for us both getting into PR at RMIT.

  3. I love your Chloe dress, so gorgeous!

  4. hey gorgeous.
    you should try jurlique's shower gels. they smell soo nice. the body lotion too. even the hand wash smells and feels so nice~~ my hand is so smooth compared to before.. every 30 mins i moisturise my hands with their hand cream hahaha :P


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥