Saturday, December 12, 2009

baby are you down,♥

so hello! this week i'm working nearly everyday. weird shifts too, some that start at 7am and some that go past midnight. great.
i spent today reading half a *thickish* novel. Glamour by Louise Bagshawe. quite good i must say!
Just a disclaimer for my last post: i work a lot of hours now that school is over and so i used my own money- the money i worked to earn to buy the things i have. I also chip in at least $100 a fortnight for bills, groceries etc for my mum. so while $700 is a lot of money, i have saved this money for a while and the things i ordered from america are in bulk as i have to pay a fee and want to make the most of paying for postage etc. so please i am not promoting useless wasteful spending. keep in mind, when people save for things they love-well i save for clothes and make-up, things i love :)

so anyway here is a swatch of a Barry M lip paint in 132 Pinkie Gold Sparkle;

and also, i got around to trying on the dresses i purchased recently from the Anise sale! love them all! i'm a size 8-10 and i got 2 of the dresses in size 10 & one in small. they fit perfectly!

& i had a nice dinner with the family including mum's boyfriend, Ricky.
my poor lil bro is sick. so been trying to not make fun of him so much- but it's tempting!


  1. hot dresses ♥

    Don't forget it we do need to splurge once in a while, we deserve it. :)

  2. I love the red dress!!!

    I hope I didn't upset you with my previous comment about "it would be nice to have $700 to spend..".

    I didn't mean anything by it other than the obvious - it would be nice to have $700 to spend!!! don't have to worry about how people think's your you can spend it however you want. :)

  3. You look so cute! I love your hair, you have the perfect fringe! xx

  4. aren't we meant to be SAVING? oh well, as long as their bargains. SAVERS vintage shopping ftw!
    just came back from krisnel's and i got peer pressured into drinking. for shamme. feeling a bit light-headed now, but at the party i felt completely normal. must be all the chicken i ate. enjoy work and your 7am shift! lets brace ourselves for monday.

  5. wow, those dresses are like Hot Hot hot!
    i love esp the red and black one :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥