Saturday, December 19, 2009

down by the seashore

hello weekend! so i had my first sleep in for like yonks. felt so good i must say. things are pretty bad for someone in my family atm so i must try and remain supportive. it sucks when drama just follows you and won't leave you alone.
i hauled & am still lemming some limited edition model prefer stuff. their make-up, eyeshadows in particular are sensational. they're so affordable and so amazing. i can not express how much i LOVE them. so yeah i picked up some more palettes and a huge gift set thing. however i now want their other huge kits! and cos priceline is having a buy 2 get 1 free- it's major tempting. not to mention, i want to buy back ups just in case they stop making them *cry

^i've spent a bit of tonight labelling and organising these out of the box it came in.
i never use those lip type things from other brands. i hate lip stuff that doesnt come in a tube or something individual. but these lip pans are great. like it's been hours and the color i'm wearing has not faded at all and remained glossy and lovely. i am wearing gloss on top but still! :)

i also went and had fish n chips with tereza and llew. we discovered that the 471 bus route is actually super duper long. like it goes to freaking 6 suburbs! gah. takes like an hr or more to get to williamstown from sunshine via it. and it passes a bunch of factories that smell like shit. me not kidding. like it literally smells like shit.

was super excited to use the new models prefer stuff i bought so went through the effort to apply eyeshadow which i have not done for about a week (unusual for me as i LOVE eyeshadow)

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. Models prefer (ill abbreviate to MP) topaz e/s on inner lid. MP holiday e/s on mid to outer lid. MP island blue e/s in crease & outer v. MP wink e/s as highlight. MP black eyeliner to line corner bottom lash line and corner top lash line.
wearing MP siren lip color & revlon bare essentials lipgloss on lips.
used MP flirt blush & MP glow blush as bronzer.

^bad outfit shot but wearing: grecian style black tunic dress with intricate white detailing.

i'm super hungry so i will be off to hunt for something to eat in zee kitchen!
work tomorrow all day- fun...not really BUT double pay sunday=happy to work cecilia. pretty mean but true sorry loves! :)


  1. The bright blue looks great on you! Really makes your eyes pop! I love this look!

  2. Beautiful eyeshadow palette

    xoxo, thn

  3. You look really pretty!

    I haven't got time to check out the palettes yet and you have bought more!

  4. Oohh that big makeup palette looks so freakin good! I've been a bit hesitant to buy the MP stuff coz I have too much eyeshadow already but if you say they are good quality, then I believe you and may just have to go and buy some! :P

  5. yes. freaken scumshine and their shit factories. go burn your manure somewhere we can't smell it!!

  6. Hey :)

    Where do you purchase the Models Prefer stuff?

    And I think I have the same dress :D


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥