Friday, December 25, 2009

dress me in chanel lover ♥

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. Coastal scents 88 palette light blue color on inner lid. MAC climate blue/night dream eyeshadow on mid to outer lid. MAC mulch eyeshadow in crease & outer v. Coastal scents gel eyeliner in black to do a slight flick on top lash line.
wearing MAC girl about town l/s with Revlon bare essentials l/g.

today was a lovely sunny day :) been feeling a bit drained from bad habits such as sleeping late, sleeping late, and sleeping late ;p
also. i've just been pigging out. like bad. not so great for my summer body but my tummy is currently temporarily satisfied :D
I've made an order on strawberrynet for some amazing chanel lipsticks but i don't want to go ahead and pay yet as i might stumble on some goodies at the boxing day sales.
i'm also getting a new puppy tomorrow :) so excited!
i've spent the last 2 years BEGGING my mum for a dog and finally she's given in. it's like hurray!
he'll be costly but i think he'll be worth it :) tereza thinks i have new dog owner syndrome but as there is no such thing i say she's just bazonkas :D
i have a sudden urge to name him Mr. Awesome but that's not very practical so the two other choices that have come to mind- but will probably change are;
1. Sam (he seems like a sam!)
2. sonny/sunny (andrew chose this)

Portmans cotton purple/magenta oversized tee dress. Black leggings. Long layered black pearl necklace.

& hello to the bestie!

^it was already tagged when we got there. woohoo!

also as promised in the last post, swatches (or well, pics and reviews) of the MAC lippies i got from the BAC2MAC program.

girl about town:
is an amplified lipstick. very pigmented. a gorgeous gorgeous almost hot pink. applies evenly with a satin like finish. works best finished off with gloss.

creme cup:
i'm yet to try but may look similar to MAC's infamous angel except it is more a creamy baby pink from what it looked swatched in the store

i LOVE this. it's a gorgeous neutral pink with a teeny slight purple tinge. i imagine this would be flattering for most people. applies very creamy and smooth. this looks gorgeous paired with MAC's love nectar lustreglass.

6/7 of my ebay listings have sold. however i listed them super cheap as i just want them gone. one of them didnt sell so ill be donating to charity along with some other things and re-listing another item;
Sportsgirl vintage style studded red heart sling bag
click for auction LINK
let me know if anyone is interested. it's a 99 cents auction ;) i'm willing to take offers.
i have so much more stuff to list, including heels (im becoming a flats girl) and lots of shoes & hand bags. brands such as witchery, bardot, siren, tony bianco, vintage.
i shall now be off to read my novel (the babymoon by Melanie L.) and be off to sleep early for an early start tomorrow. (have just received a call from the bestie. we are heading out at 7.30am, i swear these effing bargains better be good!)


  1. Wow...7.30am! I am going at 10am! Lol...if it's too busy when I get there, I am just going to go into the cinemas.

    I love the lipstick that you are wearing!

    Where do you go to hand in all those MAC eyeshadow containers to get a free lipstick? And also, where do you buy empty palettes and the magnets?

  2. I may be a little biast, but I'm voting for Sonny, cos that's my boyf's name :P
    Cute little face though! I just want to cuddle him!

    (And hot outfit, don't worry about the Summer body, you've already got it!!!)


  3. I'm not a girl, but I've learned a lot about make up from your blogs lately, hehe. My friend, who's featured on my latest post, also uses Mac, I guess it's the Mercedes among make-up brands ;)

  4. Mmm I love those lipsticks, they are gorgeous!!!! Thanks for your comment, hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!!! Looking lovely as usual!!! xxxx

  5. i choose sunny! otherwise, mr. awesome is pretty awesome. i would TOTALLY name my dog that.
    whens the belated xmas meet????

  6. aww cute puppyyy
    you should call it sonny...its better to call dogs a 2-syllable name. i heard that somewhere once, haha.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥