Monday, December 28, 2009

grapes in the vine ♥

So the days are longer since sammy has become part of the family. Totally worth it though.
Today i was supposed to meet up with two of my friends to do a present swap. There was a slight change in plans but it did happen. I love the presents! i'll update pictures in my next post but annie gave me a gorgeous hand made book customized with thoughtfullness. Tereza gave me a gorgeous pearl and vintage rose necklace, blue with stars and stripes set of small make-up type bags/cases. pink shower loofa/scrub thing with smells lovely! + A portrait which she painted of me.
you're both awesome lovelys :)
I also had a knock on the door in the arvo and i was surprised to find Carlos, my best mate there. he's leaving for overseas tomorrow so won't be seeing him for a while but he dropped off my christmas present and met sammy. He gave me Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. He generally has good taste in books and literature so i'm looking forward to reading it. The hard cover of the book is gorgeous though! so vintage style and beautifully bound.

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. Models prefer spring palette eyeshadows on inner lid, outer lid and crease & outer v. top lash line and bottom lash line; lined with Coastal scents black gel liner.
wearing MAC ravishing l/s and Flirt! clear lipgloss on lips.

boho cream loose fitting cami with vintage black leather belt. temt checkered shorts. vintage chocolate brown katies crochet cardigan. mocha colored thongs on feet.

Anyway, we planned to take Sammy to the vet but everything was closed or booked out. We got him an appointment this wednesday. Hopefully the vacinations won't hurt him too much. be a strong cookie sam!
I've been mean to him this arvo but i think he's learning so that's good.
having a late dinner/snack now with the family. so yeah, toodle!


  1. I have the very same pair of shorts as well!!

  2. what a cute outfit, with the shorts and cardigan!
    and I love the shades too1


  3. no problems, sis! i love the bag. tis very convenient and non-bulky. i used it today!
    gees carlos came a bit late. what a titty!

    haha my word verification is poolug. hahahaha.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥