Saturday, December 26, 2009

hello sammy + boxing day madness

~wearing MAC creme cup l/s with Revlon bare essentials l/g on top.

meet sam! aka sammy;
first off, thank-you to annie and her mum for the lovely dog kennel. sam is kinda scared of it and doesnt like it cos it's dark and he's tiny. However remove the roof and he's fine and lovin' it ;) He is currently loving his monopoly box and the dog blanket we got him from the reject shop for $8.
here is him all happy, snuggly and sleeping:
when we got him he was smelly, his owners were a bit weird. his mum and dad weren't the most good looking bunch but he came out good looking! ;p he also had fleas. totally gross. i cleaned him and de-flea'd him. thank-you to tess for the flea spray stuff.

***update: i just had to pause typing my blog cos sam woke up and he came to find me.
he's learnt a lot for one day! admittedly, he hated me cos i made him bath at first. but then he seems to like me again now :D if i call him and clap or tap he now comes to me! and also if i walk off, he follows after. i tested him so i dropped dead randomly onto the grass and he ran over and stayed by my side. :)

i don't think his owners fed him much at all. cos he was so hungry he started chewing on grass and since we've fed him twice. BBQ beef sausage cut up (he ate it so fast we got lazy and started giving him bigger pieces and he can chew them and manages!) and we just gave him chicken corn soup when he woke up then. he ate 1 and a half bowls. hungry moooodaafwaker he is :)

^haha yes sam, the bowl of food is really against you. :p

i'm so tired! after waking up at like 6-7am this morning for the boxing day sales. was worth it though :) went highpoint and people were crazy. got there at a lil past 8am. people had already filled the whole carpark and also lots were leaving with lots of bags and had finished their shopping. i HATED the slow crowds.
i only got what i needed:

4x (gorgeous!) bras from Bras N Things. in my size and on sale. it's a miracle! one was $30, one was $20. the other two were $25
1x cute grey marle elmo undies from Bras N Things. $7.50

10 things from diva. 7 rings, one bracelet set, one necklace and one pair of earrings. all $5 each or less.

Shiseido Sun protection foundation compact with spf 30+ in SP20 which is a perfect match for me (me and tess were shocked) actually stumbled upon cos my mum sent me to get her shade but they were out. she wanted the GWP though so then i got into it while trying to find a substitute color. unfortunately we're totally different shades so no sharing.
+ Shiseido case for foundation.

LA girls nail polish in disco inferno, gorgeous vibrant watermelon. $8
& Sunnies- $3 (bargain!)

Burt bees lip balm set. $5 finally. love the cute bee case it came in too.

2x rings from random boutique. (can you tell- i LOVE rings)

Red earth nail polish in a gorgeous dark vamp red color. $5 and Red earth blush in a gorgeous peachy color. $5

I did two lots of B2MAC again. got 2 lippies. wanted hue & creme d'nude but they were sold out.
i got: Ravishing & Lovelorn.

Ravishing; gorgeous peachy pink coral.

Lovelorn: vibrant sheerish strawberry pink.
~both gorgeous colors.

oh and what ricky & lory got me for christmas:
i LOVE it. the bag is by Olga Berg & gorgeous and so me! and also, the mascara (Maxfactor masterpiece waterproof in black is great ;) in waterproof as i like. and models prefer- i love. never tried their nail polishes but looking forward to doing so :)



  1. I chickened out in the end and slept in instead! I decided that I am too old to brave the crowds. I simply do not have the stamina anymore! Lol!

    I went HP last year and packing was soo horrible. We had to park on a patch of grass!!!

    Your doggie is really cute! I wish I have a dog too.

    I hope you got some good bargains.

  2. aww your puppy is soo cute. what kinda dog is it?
    and good effort with the shopping! i was gonna get that purple bra from bras n things coz its soo gorgeous but the trim on top looks like it would sorta poke thru clothes. i dunno, im weird about things like that lol :P

  3. ah i want to eat him!!! so Vietnamese, i am. (i sound like yoda) i shall see him should probably keep him away from me.

    i brought jeans on boxing day! hurrahhh. and you know me and my complete inability to shop...


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥