Saturday, October 10, 2009

wild flower

vintage ChloƩ silk smock, random waist belt, mollini leather flats.

aaah so the weekend has begun, i can't summon the energy or will power to do any school work (pathetic, i know, but oh well) so i've pretty much been reading and bumming around all day.
*yawns, for some reason i woke up extra early today. very very unusual for me, i was up at 9am. i mean com'on! where's my sleep in? i think my school waking up routine has got to me. i can't wait till all this exam crap is over. argh! i'm hungry...i suddenly have this weird craving for nutella on toast (i think i may be addicted) but we're outta toast/bread. damn it!

+ how cute are these harauku lovers winter edition fragrances?
i want 'love' & maybe 'music' judging by just the packaging. i'll have to smell them in person though!
and my latest purchase which i am in LOVE with.
mink pink ashley skirt.
last one in size 8 which i picked up! i'm normally an 8-10, but the 10 was sold out so i got the last 8. it was either the 8 or 12 or 14. and 12 & 14's have always been my downfall, i buy them, they never fit/fall off my hips and they just sit there never to be worn as i'm too lazy to alter them.