Monday, December 28, 2009

grapes in the vine ♥

So the days are longer since sammy has become part of the family. Totally worth it though.
Today i was supposed to meet up with two of my friends to do a present swap. There was a slight change in plans but it did happen. I love the presents! i'll update pictures in my next post but annie gave me a gorgeous hand made book customized with thoughtfullness. Tereza gave me a gorgeous pearl and vintage rose necklace, blue with stars and stripes set of small make-up type bags/cases. pink shower loofa/scrub thing with smells lovely! + A portrait which she painted of me.
you're both awesome lovelys :)
I also had a knock on the door in the arvo and i was surprised to find Carlos, my best mate there. he's leaving for overseas tomorrow so won't be seeing him for a while but he dropped off my christmas present and met sammy. He gave me Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. He generally has good taste in books and literature so i'm looking forward to reading it. The hard cover of the book is gorgeous though! so vintage style and beautifully bound.

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. Models prefer spring palette eyeshadows on inner lid, outer lid and crease & outer v. top lash line and bottom lash line; lined with Coastal scents black gel liner.
wearing MAC ravishing l/s and Flirt! clear lipgloss on lips.

boho cream loose fitting cami with vintage black leather belt. temt checkered shorts. vintage chocolate brown katies crochet cardigan. mocha colored thongs on feet.

Anyway, we planned to take Sammy to the vet but everything was closed or booked out. We got him an appointment this wednesday. Hopefully the vacinations won't hurt him too much. be a strong cookie sam!
I've been mean to him this arvo but i think he's learning so that's good.
having a late dinner/snack now with the family. so yeah, toodle!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

sammy the pup

loves her new puppy & thinks he's the most cheeky thing ever
sammy is a maltese cross min pin pup.
so pure white & hairy mixed with hairless and black
=golden mild hair puppy!
he's so photogenic too! so hello new photowhoring buddy ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

hello sammy + boxing day madness

~wearing MAC creme cup l/s with Revlon bare essentials l/g on top.

meet sam! aka sammy;
first off, thank-you to annie and her mum for the lovely dog kennel. sam is kinda scared of it and doesnt like it cos it's dark and he's tiny. However remove the roof and he's fine and lovin' it ;) He is currently loving his monopoly box and the dog blanket we got him from the reject shop for $8.
here is him all happy, snuggly and sleeping:
when we got him he was smelly, his owners were a bit weird. his mum and dad weren't the most good looking bunch but he came out good looking! ;p he also had fleas. totally gross. i cleaned him and de-flea'd him. thank-you to tess for the flea spray stuff.

***update: i just had to pause typing my blog cos sam woke up and he came to find me.
he's learnt a lot for one day! admittedly, he hated me cos i made him bath at first. but then he seems to like me again now :D if i call him and clap or tap he now comes to me! and also if i walk off, he follows after. i tested him so i dropped dead randomly onto the grass and he ran over and stayed by my side. :)

i don't think his owners fed him much at all. cos he was so hungry he started chewing on grass and since we've fed him twice. BBQ beef sausage cut up (he ate it so fast we got lazy and started giving him bigger pieces and he can chew them and manages!) and we just gave him chicken corn soup when he woke up then. he ate 1 and a half bowls. hungry moooodaafwaker he is :)

^haha yes sam, the bowl of food is really against you. :p

i'm so tired! after waking up at like 6-7am this morning for the boxing day sales. was worth it though :) went highpoint and people were crazy. got there at a lil past 8am. people had already filled the whole carpark and also lots were leaving with lots of bags and had finished their shopping. i HATED the slow crowds.
i only got what i needed:

4x (gorgeous!) bras from Bras N Things. in my size and on sale. it's a miracle! one was $30, one was $20. the other two were $25
1x cute grey marle elmo undies from Bras N Things. $7.50

10 things from diva. 7 rings, one bracelet set, one necklace and one pair of earrings. all $5 each or less.

Shiseido Sun protection foundation compact with spf 30+ in SP20 which is a perfect match for me (me and tess were shocked) actually stumbled upon cos my mum sent me to get her shade but they were out. she wanted the GWP though so then i got into it while trying to find a substitute color. unfortunately we're totally different shades so no sharing.
+ Shiseido case for foundation.

LA girls nail polish in disco inferno, gorgeous vibrant watermelon. $8
& Sunnies- $3 (bargain!)

Burt bees lip balm set. $5 finally. love the cute bee case it came in too.

2x rings from random boutique. (can you tell- i LOVE rings)

Red earth nail polish in a gorgeous dark vamp red color. $5 and Red earth blush in a gorgeous peachy color. $5

I did two lots of B2MAC again. got 2 lippies. wanted hue & creme d'nude but they were sold out.
i got: Ravishing & Lovelorn.

Ravishing; gorgeous peachy pink coral.

Lovelorn: vibrant sheerish strawberry pink.
~both gorgeous colors.

oh and what ricky & lory got me for christmas:
i LOVE it. the bag is by Olga Berg & gorgeous and so me! and also, the mascara (Maxfactor masterpiece waterproof in black is great ;) in waterproof as i like. and models prefer- i love. never tried their nail polishes but looking forward to doing so :)


Friday, December 25, 2009

dress me in chanel lover ♥

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. Coastal scents 88 palette light blue color on inner lid. MAC climate blue/night dream eyeshadow on mid to outer lid. MAC mulch eyeshadow in crease & outer v. Coastal scents gel eyeliner in black to do a slight flick on top lash line.
wearing MAC girl about town l/s with Revlon bare essentials l/g.

today was a lovely sunny day :) been feeling a bit drained from bad habits such as sleeping late, sleeping late, and sleeping late ;p
also. i've just been pigging out. like bad. not so great for my summer body but my tummy is currently temporarily satisfied :D
I've made an order on strawberrynet for some amazing chanel lipsticks but i don't want to go ahead and pay yet as i might stumble on some goodies at the boxing day sales.
i'm also getting a new puppy tomorrow :) so excited!
i've spent the last 2 years BEGGING my mum for a dog and finally she's given in. it's like hurray!
he'll be costly but i think he'll be worth it :) tereza thinks i have new dog owner syndrome but as there is no such thing i say she's just bazonkas :D
i have a sudden urge to name him Mr. Awesome but that's not very practical so the two other choices that have come to mind- but will probably change are;
1. Sam (he seems like a sam!)
2. sonny/sunny (andrew chose this)

Portmans cotton purple/magenta oversized tee dress. Black leggings. Long layered black pearl necklace.

& hello to the bestie!

^it was already tagged when we got there. woohoo!

also as promised in the last post, swatches (or well, pics and reviews) of the MAC lippies i got from the BAC2MAC program.

girl about town:
is an amplified lipstick. very pigmented. a gorgeous gorgeous almost hot pink. applies evenly with a satin like finish. works best finished off with gloss.

creme cup:
i'm yet to try but may look similar to MAC's infamous angel except it is more a creamy baby pink from what it looked swatched in the store

i LOVE this. it's a gorgeous neutral pink with a teeny slight purple tinge. i imagine this would be flattering for most people. applies very creamy and smooth. this looks gorgeous paired with MAC's love nectar lustreglass.

6/7 of my ebay listings have sold. however i listed them super cheap as i just want them gone. one of them didnt sell so ill be donating to charity along with some other things and re-listing another item;
Sportsgirl vintage style studded red heart sling bag
click for auction LINK
let me know if anyone is interested. it's a 99 cents auction ;) i'm willing to take offers.
i have so much more stuff to list, including heels (im becoming a flats girl) and lots of shoes & hand bags. brands such as witchery, bardot, siren, tony bianco, vintage.
i shall now be off to read my novel (the babymoon by Melanie L.) and be off to sleep early for an early start tomorrow. (have just received a call from the bestie. we are heading out at 7.30am, i swear these effing bargains better be good!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

down by the seashore

hello weekend! so i had my first sleep in for like yonks. felt so good i must say. things are pretty bad for someone in my family atm so i must try and remain supportive. it sucks when drama just follows you and won't leave you alone.
i hauled & am still lemming some limited edition model prefer stuff. their make-up, eyeshadows in particular are sensational. they're so affordable and so amazing. i can not express how much i LOVE them. so yeah i picked up some more palettes and a huge gift set thing. however i now want their other huge kits! and cos priceline is having a buy 2 get 1 free- it's major tempting. not to mention, i want to buy back ups just in case they stop making them *cry

^i've spent a bit of tonight labelling and organising these out of the box it came in.
i never use those lip type things from other brands. i hate lip stuff that doesnt come in a tube or something individual. but these lip pans are great. like it's been hours and the color i'm wearing has not faded at all and remained glossy and lovely. i am wearing gloss on top but still! :)

i also went and had fish n chips with tereza and llew. we discovered that the 471 bus route is actually super duper long. like it goes to freaking 6 suburbs! gah. takes like an hr or more to get to williamstown from sunshine via it. and it passes a bunch of factories that smell like shit. me not kidding. like it literally smells like shit.

was super excited to use the new models prefer stuff i bought so went through the effort to apply eyeshadow which i have not done for about a week (unusual for me as i LOVE eyeshadow)

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. Models prefer (ill abbreviate to MP) topaz e/s on inner lid. MP holiday e/s on mid to outer lid. MP island blue e/s in crease & outer v. MP wink e/s as highlight. MP black eyeliner to line corner bottom lash line and corner top lash line.
wearing MP siren lip color & revlon bare essentials lipgloss on lips.
used MP flirt blush & MP glow blush as bronzer.

^bad outfit shot but wearing: grecian style black tunic dress with intricate white detailing.

i'm super hungry so i will be off to hunt for something to eat in zee kitchen!
work tomorrow all day- fun...not really BUT double pay sunday=happy to work cecilia. pretty mean but true sorry loves! :)