Thursday, January 7, 2010

Annoying things & lala ♥

ARGH many things annoy me.
here are my top 3 lately:

1. people who stare. like STARE STARE (i get u have eyes and sure look at what u want, but when u stare at me non blinking for f*cking 10 mins even though i've made a what face at you, i start to worry).
2. annoying lil kids (mainly girls) who pester my lil bro. and in turn, i have to tell nicely to pee off :)
3. when shops/places JUST close before i get there ANSKFFKJGLKGKGJ!

so yes, those 3 happened to me stimultaneously today. and no i was not a happy chap. There are these two young girls who keep knocking on my door and asking my bro to hang out, they even stole someone's mail and gave it to him saying it was his and they got it for him *flutter eyelashes* i watched from my window while they tried to keep him outside and from going back into his house. FREAKAY. then i was playing with sammy outside and they kept asking if they could come over. urrr, no you can not come over and attempt to stalk my bro. not to mention, andrew (my bro) told me, one of them spat in his face cos he wouldn't go out/hang out with her. WTF. i then proceeded to open the door and ask her. of course, my tone was more like GRRRR DID U SPIT IN MY BRO'S FACE? GRRR ARGH. needless to say, i don't think they'll be back.

In other news, i went to see Nicole (she's a counselor i go to and is lovely. I had a hard time last year and i went to counselling to get some the stress out, my old counsellor left but nicole's been there for me since late last year) today and we had a nice chat about life, love and random things. Apparently a present i received from a boy at christmas may have a hidden meaning behind it, we'll see. It's a novel and I don't think so, personally the start of the book has already bored me half to sleep as there's all these notes from the author, how about note: i don't care. But according to Nicole, it's a classic strong deep love story about unrequited love and she thinks differently. We'll see, i'll have to read the book first though won't i?

Also, a necklace i bought from one of my favourite etsy sellers came today. Penelope is a total doll! She's always lovely to deal with and her pieces are affordable and gorgeous.
here is me wearing the swan vintage style necklace i bought from her:
i ended up adjusting the chain a lil higher because it didn't sit right and kept going down my top LOL :)

oh and the lovely shoes i blogged about in my last post; i wore them today :)
i love them cos they're cute and practical. and i have a thing for brogues although the vintage ones always smell funny and it's hard to find a nice pair in my size. I did love the mimco femme tuxedo brogues in dove grey that were out last season though. I could never justify paying $400 but was devastated when it went on sale for $100 something and i didn't buy it before it sold out of my size.

in Sammy news:


  1. a) your feet are tiny!!!
    b) give some guys a break when their eyeballing at you. they might not be stalkers (though some are) they're just pussies. take it as a compliment!
    c) those girls obsessing over your brother - they kinda remind me of us as kids. so tell them to stop obsessing over weird guys (no offence to andrew) and kick their tiny asses!
    d) i hate it when i just-just-finally drift off to sleep and a family member comes bursting through the door and rambles on without knowing the meaning of 'inside voice'
    e) love ya, try to get some sleep k?

  2. I really love the top you are wearing! Maybe I should get some brogues...I don't have any. I think I looked at them for about 5 mins and wondered if I should get them. But some other dresses distracted me.

    Those girls probably have a big crush on your brother and just want his attention.

    And maybe people are staring because you are pretty! I used to be shy when people stared at me. Nowadays, I stare back. Usually they look away when I look back.

  3. hey there.. just popped by, LOVE your blog

  4. I am so happy you liked the necklace, Cecilia (found your blog through my etsyshop stats that I hardly look at - hope you don't mind)! It looks great - how gorgeous are you!!

    I love your brogues, they're such a quirky, feminine style. I've been hoping to find some vintage ones in an op shop but no luck. ♥


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥