Saturday, January 30, 2010

a bit dazed love

hello all! it's so hot atm in melb, i'm attempting to not fall asleep. and addressing my last blog post: i am on the further west side of melbourne, and lilydale is on the further east side of melbourne. therefore it is literally on the furtherest opposite of where i am in melbourne. i'm so stupid applying for something so far and ruining my first preference. but it's just i LOVE their course. The only other one i really wanted was RMIT's but i didn't get their required 35 for my english study score. i got 31. And i think i only wanted it cos it was so close- next to melb central-so easy to get to. so so easy. *cries* haha sammy is licking my arm and leaning on moi as i'm typing. I think he's jealous that my macbook is getting all the attention.

on my nails atm;
~OPI osaka to me orange. i love this, it looks amazing. I was in doubt cos of some bad reviews but i don't know what they're on, this is a gorgeous creme orange with peachy apricot tones. perfect summer color.

me & sammy decided to go on a major photowhoring spree: (since what else is there to do when its burning hot outside besides sleep and beach? non of which is applicable- sleep=today's mum's bday gotta be up celebrating when she's home, beach=not happening)
eyeshadow~ UDPP as base. 3 colors from the sportsgirl be bold palette. (light beige on inner lid, bright blue on mid to outer lid & dark grey in crease & outer v)


  1. The eyeshadow looks so good on you! I noticed that the be bold palette had quite a few cool colour combo's in it :D We made a good choice :P
    And I totally have the Osaka to me orange polish and I forgot about it, lol!

  2. I love the eyeshadow and the nails!

    Re your campus, I am really hoping that you won't have much contact hours at the uni.

    When I used to go to Clayton when I was living all the way near Epping, it took me 2 hours just to get there.

    I gave up going to uni after a year or so and just studied at home. Couldn't be bothered going to lectures or tutorials at all for the next 3.5 years of my course.

    I ended up not making any friends because uni is too far and such.

    It was a miserable time and I am glad I went to Caulfield for my Masters. That and also I moved closer to the city.

    So sick of zone 2.

  3. I seriously, seriously LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! =D
    I love your hair so much! Ughhh, why can't I get mine to behave like yours? And your doggie is so freakin' cute!!!

  4. Loveee the eyes, colours look amazing on you =D

  5. Love the eyeshadow and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for the cooler weather. I'm so over this heat!

  6. love you too!! oui that lilydale thing must've been a big pain in the gluteus maximus. why must good courses be in woop woop land, WHY?

    this whole myki thing too is shitting me. whats that you say? read the pamphlet? pfffffftt

  7. I'm so glad that you love Osaka to Me Orange! Looks much better on you than it did on me!!

    Love your vogue forums swap-ee:)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥