Monday, January 4, 2010

Chanel Allure bebe + requested: my hair

I was woken up at 9am by a knock on the door and the sound of my mum signing a package for me. I knew it was my strawberrynet order- A gorgeous red Chanel Allure lipstick in no. 14 Passion.

Now i have lots of red lipsticks but i'm forever searching for the perfect red lipstick. Believe me, there are many shades and tones of red. Anyway- I believe i've found it. This classic red was supposedly Coco Chanel's (the name, the brand, the woman) red lipstick, the perfect chanel red. And it is!
The packaging is so gorgeous, i cant not find the words to describe how beautiful and classic it is. You feel gorgeous just carrying the lipstick around haha! :)
The Chanel name is engraved onto the lipstick too. check it.
The texture is smooth and goes on beautifully. It lasts hours too.
I did not pay retail for this lippie ($70 or something crazy like that), i got it on sale for $29 including (that's right woooo free post) postage. And if i ever run out, i would re-purchase in a heartbeat.

outfit of the day:
top: portmans
belt: temt
leggings: random boutique
shoes: random chocolate/brown sandals
necklace: (gifted by my vogue kk) bird cage rage by whatever heather

I've had a few people ask about my hair and a blog reader has requested i do a post about the products i use and how i look after my hair.

The shampoo & conditioner i use is from the organic care range. they're super cheap and super good. my hair likes them :) i use the normal balance type.

After towel drying my hair i add these three products to my ends:
garnier fructis smoothing milk
schwarzkopf hair repair normal balance leave in conditioner
redken smooth down detangling cream

After blowdrying & if i straighten my hair/before i spray:
tresemme heat tamer protective spray

:) happy hair care-ing!

oh and i did my nails today :)
tips: essie sag habor with nail art & top coat = love ♥

toes: ulta3 earth with nail art & top coat.


  1. Oohhh I have this lipstick, isn't it gorgeous? Looks stunning on you hun!

  2. Very cute with the red lipstick. I cannot carry off red lipstick! Maybe I haven't find the right shade yet.

    I am very lazy with hair care. Just shampoo and conditioner. Explains my fried hair. haha!

  3. That shade of red lipstick really suits you :)

  4. You look beautiful with that red Chanel lipstick - it's a gorgeous color! Wished I could wear such a vibrant color myself! ;)

  5. Oh I love that Organics range, it's the best!!! (And soo cheap!) Also, that Chanel lippie is gorgeous, so classy <3.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥