Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cherry culture I♥U ;)

~in the NYX spirit: me wearing spell bound lipstick.

Last week i placed my first order with cherryculture as they're having sales and i've had my eye on a few NYX items plus i've wanted milani's blush in luminous for the longest time (and their bronzer also caught my eye so i got one of those too :p). I've also searched high and low for L.A. girls disco brites nail polish in dance studio and for some reason no one stocks that color! so there i was and i pressed place order :)
i was a little worried it'll take AGES as i had it send via normal no tracking mail- but from the date they emailed me that they shipped- it only took like 5 days! so fast, like faster than freaking EXPRESS was for me. WTH RIGHT? well i'm not complaining and i LOVE it. i want to marry cherryculture atm haha. 8)
I really want to place another order but i don't have the money to spend until i get payed next week. So ah well, it'll have to wait. the only thing i'm worried about is the sale ending.
i'm super excited about the NYX round lipsticks i got in this haul as i think i'll like them very much-i'm more of a bright statement lip color or nude than those dark grandma, or well "sophisticated" lip colors. the only sophisticated lip color i do is dark reds.
can't wait to swatch them!!!!
{femme, chloe, snow white, louisiana, power}

i also love the NYX eyeshadow palettes i got:
champagne & caviar:
smokey eyes:
i'll be doing looks & reviews on all these items once i get the chance, Au revoir! :)


  1. femme lipstick looks very nice! i also love the 2 eyeshadow palettes

  2. awesome haul! love the lipstick you're wearing, it looks amazing on you!

  3. I saw the NYX Brown Eyes palette at Groove and it was AUD$18.99!!!

    Can't wait to see the lipstick swatches!

  4. Oooh, the lipsticks look great! Can't wait for the swatches.

  5. I've been lemming the jumbo eye pencils for AGES! Just put in my order! Can't wait! xxxxxx

  6. oh for some reason i missed this post!
    cherry culture is da bomb! seriously awesome. I've done 3 orders from there before! I have to restrain myself from buying more from there though, cos the stuff there is sooooooooo freakin cheap!!


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥