Saturday, January 2, 2010

early morning chatter

It's another 4am night awake for me, i watched re-runs of sex and the city on tv and now i've showered (forced myself despite my strong desire to just fall asleep on the couch) and am in my peejays typing this blog. Sex and the city has never really been my thing- way too permiscuous however i have no idea what season this was but the 3 episodes were funny and witty- sexual but discreet and hardly any nudity.
Carrie (SJP's character) is very endearing. she's so down to earth and funny- you just gotta love her. Remind me when i'm 30 to re-watch every season of SATC as i think i will enjoy it then.

I'm planning to watch Sherlock Holmes in cinemas- gold class with the bestie & shouting the lil bro. hope it'll be a good watch. I loved Avatar so if it's not as good as that i'll be disappointed we didn't see Avatar in gold class. Totally awesome movie. Was planned for saturday (today) but seeing as it's a little pass 4am and i'm still awake- probably won't be able to keep my eyes open if i'm forced to get out of bed any earlier than 11am ;p

My huge order from the US is coming this week- so there will be a blog on that which i'm looking forward to! there's my mommy's delayed xmas present (i got her another one cos this wasnt gonna come in time) so i guess it's her early bday pressie. I have items from sephora including brands such as urban decay, YSL, dior, OPI, Stila- so looking forward to that!
Also, forever21 haul. wooo. bit over few items i bought though so hopefully they will wow me when i see them and remind me why i wanted them in the first place.

*update; In sammy news; he has grown accustomed and fond of a few favourite toys.
here he is saying hi to the camera and munching a paul frank (julius) monkey's head off. lovely :)


  1. Ooooh how exciting, your big haul is coming in the maiiiilll! I think I'm getting quite a few things in the mail next week as well, how exciting. It keeps you motivated. Lol


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