Friday, January 8, 2010

Gold class lovin'

hello all! today was a super hot day in melbourne, it'll be worst tomorrow though :|
In bad news, i'm completely out of dosh, like i have $5 left in my bank account and $10 in cash somewhere at home. i won't get paid till next wednesday so i must make do. I had plans to catch up with the lovely krissy tomorrow but unfortunately a lovely online order (or well 2 lovely online orders) have left me with $20-$30 from my pay and then i paid off my $35 library fine and yeah. the rest is history :p
But alas, i had a lovely day even though the scorching heat made me wanna stab myself in the head and hide in the freezer :p Went to visit Llew with tess and had a fish n chips day. Friday is now officially our 'fish n chips partay' day haha! awesome.

dress: random boutique (i do a lot of shopping in small independent stores to find good cheap finds, this dress was on sale for only $10 and i LOVE it)
belt: icon
shoes- not shown, quilted cream with black toe ballet flats: random boutique

We also did a bit of shopping and thrifting and i picked up a lovely oversized black leather bag, ralph lauren polo, peach kookai cardigan amongst other awesome finds. most of them were only 50 cents, yes- 50 cents. the bag was $3 and one top was $2.50
For gold class we made it JUST in time for the 6.00pm Sherlock Holmes session. Was quite awesome! the chairs are SO comfy. and the air con was heaven until it got too cold ;p

The movie was witty, quirky and funny. They left a bit to spare aka a cliff hanger so there's definitely going to be a second movie. I'd give it a 7.5/10. (Avatar got a 9/10 for moi)

While we were at the station a few funny things happened:
*we were approached by an old classmate who we did not like, she then proceeded to 'inconspicuously walk back and forth towards us till we noticed her and clung onto us making small talk. yes we know you look like a loner by yourself, no we do not want you to use us to look like you have friends. we never even talk
*we bumped into a group of sluts from school, then exercised great ignoring power we never knew we had. hah! & wooo.
*a group of guys approached us and lingered before moving down to sit next to us. one of them- the fat one in the red shirt, started swearing and abusing this indian/dark skinned guy to look 'cool' in front of us, i thought it was disgusting and made him even more undesirable if that's possible (he's pretty much the undesirable of the undesirables) and then he started harassing a young fat kid going 'why are u flinching, why are u acting like im gonna bash you? MOVE, it's my seat NOW (the fat kid was sitting right next to me) freaking weirdo- i felt so bad for the fat kid, lucky my step dad and mum drove up so we ran to the car. of course, i muttered very not quietly 'later losers' (him and his mates) before going. We could however see the fat kid standing up to run away as we drove off, so poor kid (he was annoying and stared a lot too, but he did no deserve being abused by an even bigger fat kid and arsehole)

My barry m/nyx/lime crime order came today and i love everything i've tried so far!
i'll be reviewing and swatching in my next post as i am way too fatigued and tired atm.
Barry M pink orchid blush, eyeliner and not featured in this pic but mint green nail paint.
Lime crime empress pigment dust eyeshadow thingie.
NYX concealer in a jar in light
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk
NYX sweetheart lipgloss
7 x NYX round lipsticks in B52, hebe, fig, doll, tea rose, circe, spell bound.

so tata and those of you in melbourne, stay cool and near an air con- those in the US or where it's winter- stay warm and cozy :)


  1. just so you know, my body is perspiring to the point where it could quench the thirst of a small third-world country.

  2. you got so many great Nyx lippies - tea rose and circe are my favorites :)

  3. It's going to be 41 degrees on Monday!!! Sob! I didn't understand the English accent well in Sherlock Holmes and had problem following some conversations.

  4. I went and saw Sherlock Holmes this week too! I love Robert Downey Jr!


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