Sunday, January 3, 2010

hey brown eyes; everyday eyeshadow look

So i see many make-up lovers and gurus out there who have a neutral eyeshadow look for everyday. However when i wear eyeshadow i find it is never an "everyday" look, as also my taste prefers vibrant colors such as greens, blues and purples. I set out to find my everyday eyeshadow look and i am glad to report; i have found it! *rejoice* It's difficult as i am very pale to find shadows that will look neutral and not dramatic on me. But i'm glad to present to those who have skin tone similar to mine this eye combo. I use no eyeliner at all, as i find adding eyeliner will make it dramatic and also i look a bit better without eyeliner =p although i like to add it when i do more dramatic eyeshadow looks for that ooomph.

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. MAC naked lunch eyeshadow on inner lid. MAC patina eyeshadow on mid to outer lid. MAC cork eyeshadow in crease & outer v. MAC shroom eyeshadow as highlight.
My beloved Covergirl lash blast mascara on my lashes. Wearing MAC long stem rose slimshine on lips with MAC love nectar lustreglass on top.

I slept in so bad today, i opened my eyes and i've had my mobile off for a few days cos it's outta battery and i'm too lazy to charge it. So i checked the time when i got outta bed and it was 5 mins to 4pm, nice cecilia nice. I vow to start cleaning my room after this blog is typed though. cos i'm sick of it looking so messy. I have lots of make-up and clothes i need to cull, i have to accept that i have no space for them and will probably never use or wear them.

Oh btw, i gave my fringe a trim last night. It grows so fast and gets in my eyes- it's annoying, not to mention it gets long and looses its shape/style. So yay for tidy fringe :)

top/cami: random boutique.
skirt: Forcast
ring: Diva
earrings: Diva
shoes (which you can't see): Wittner. (gorgeous leather pink ballet flats with black bow detail)

So not that i had much of the day left to spend but i went church at 6pm. we came wayy late so we went to another church so basically mass x2. Ricky came over and we had a nice family dinner. I was starving cos due to my sleep in- i missed breakfast and lunch.

I'm now stalking the US post site with my tracking number for my parcel. it weights like 7-10kgs so i can't imagine what it'd look like (but hell the postage cost burnt a whole in my bank account). oh gosh i'm excited!!! so yeah i'm constantly checking the status =p

And yep, again Sammy (aka Mr. awesome) makes an apperance with his master- moi! :) :)

hehehe i put bunny ears on him and he didn't know! when he did he got annoyed though :p

Sammy with his friends, Mr Duckie & Mr Monkey.


  1. "but hell the postage cost burnt a whole in my bank account"
    HAHA I laughed out loud when I read that, nice description there!
    And I cant believe you slept in til 4! How is that possible!? I slept in til 10:45 and I thought THAT was late! Jeeeez haha xx

  2. i stayed up late too and had to go to church at 5pm.

    i blame sbs for having such delightful foreign films!!ahhhh

  3. Cecilia! I love your neutral look! Nice!

    I have a question. You think you can list all of the HAIR PRODUCTS that you use for your hair? I love how straight and sleek your hair is. Thanks! =D

  4. I really love what you put on your lips all the time! Do you use a lip conditioner? My lips are always parched all the time!


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥