Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i love my macbook pro ♥

guess what i'm typing on right now? i'm so excited, i'm so...wooo!

me with my macbook pro ♥

It was a present from my uncle for doing well with my academic studies and getting into my first preference. woo! maybe travelling 2 hrs for my perfect course won't be so bad now? :)
I'm just super grateful although i really think i hugged him a little too much today haha. At least he knows he's awesome!!
I'm still getting used to the apple mac interface. so different from windows. it's a bit hard since ctrl v/ctrl c/etc doesn't go for this (edit!!: i discovered it; commend+c=copy, command+v=paste. ahah *genius moment* =p). And there's all this new stuff to learn. Also i had to PAY for freaking microsoft office for this and it was exxy!


Anyway been a bit of a grump lately. Especially at my little brother whose always annoying but has been getting on my nerves epicly lately. I have to restrain from spraying him with a huge watergun, take that you poop!

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. greens from the sleek safari palette on the inner & mid to outer lid. bronze orange from the sleek sunset palette in crease & outer v. MAC creme cup l/s & MAC love nectar lustreglass on lips.

my nails atm:
~OPI strawberry margarita

my outfit:
dress: mink pink
beret: forever 21
bag: vintage
shoes: wittner
ring: forever 21


in sammy news:

happy Australia day everyone ;)


  1. I love the beret!!! I always love beret!!!

    And wow to the macbook pro...I wish someone will get me one!

    Where are you going to uni?

    Yes, I have been wearing circle lenses since I was 18. I wear them everyday because I am short-sighted. I have tried them in black, brown, blue and grey but I just really love the brown ones. And I have tried out all the brands as well so I know which ones are the most comfy and such. Haha. I used to work for a company that sells those about 4 years ago. That was when I started wearing them.

    I am thinking of ordering more again but since I am on a shopping ban, I am trying to refrain.

  2. I WANT A MACBOOKKK!!!!! =/ Eventuuallyyy soon!!!:P Ilove yourr second photo@ Ohhhh and your doggy kinda looks like Bf's doggii:| hahah

    How are you doing?!:D


  3. Wow, you lucky girl! Macbooks are awesome, they're so tbin. It took me a while to get used to the commands as well.

    I named my Macbook Gromit. :)

  4. MacBook!!!! SO SO NICE!!!

    Your Mink Pink dress is such a sweet style!

  5. cute outfit !
    ilove my macbook pro <33

  6. congrats on the mac!
    i thought i made a mistake buying mine a few weeks ago. but that's because i didn't know about some of the awesome apps that they have. the other day i met up with my friend who is a total apple fanatic and he installed a good 10 apps for me. i was so amazed and excited for each and every one. if you want them, i can transfer them to you. way way cool!
    p.s. how mind blowing was the intro?!

  7. wow! you look so cute! :D love love your outfit. I just followed your blog and I love it already. Congrats on the Mac, i wonder when will i get my paws on one :3 Have an awesome day! :D

  8. i want that mac. gahhhhhhhh. would much rather take final cut over adobe premiere right now. and windows is uber lag when it comes to movie editing!!!!!!

    if it mysteriously disappears, don't look at me....

  9. YAY. Another mac convert!

    Love the cute dress and beret.

  10. GAH! LOVE the macbook pro!!

    you lucky girl, and the nailpolish colour is perfect.

  11. your doggy is adorable! the head tilt is such a killer.

    and your macbook pro is beautiful too *drool*


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥