Friday, January 22, 2010

i love shoes.

super duper drained atm but i think i'm addicted to blogging (is that possible? :p) so here's another post. For some reason, hot weather makes me wanna sleep. like zzzzzz away.

So today, i reached record breaking getting ready time. I don't know how i did it but i was showered, make-up, hair and fully clothed ready to go in 15 mins flat. And you know why?
Because Wittner had an 80% off original price of sale items sale, that's right, 80 freaking percent. So their shoes which are normally like 2o0 bucks were like $20- BARGAIN.
how could i miss this? i couldn't! But it lead me to realize- i look better with minimal make-up, eg no eyeshadow just mascara. but i love eyeshadow so much :) I also didn't bother doing anything to my hair. I would save so much time every day if i did nothing, lol. So everywhere- have 80% off sales and i'll get ready fast every day ;)

what i wore today:
dress: forever 21
belt: temt
shoes (not shown- gold ballet flats with black suede bow knot detail at front): forever 21

and the newest members of the family ♥

so so so happy with all of them. the only down point? i saw shoes that i payed full price for on sale. i bought a pair of ballet flats on sale just before xmas for $90 from $150 and i thought that was great, and then? i saw them for $28 freaking dollars today. GRRRRR


  1. Those are gorgeous shoes. I love the black ones with the ribbon bows :)

    80% wow.. wish we had more of that!!
    Emma :) x

  2. Woah! You have such good taste in shoes! And I know I get ready super fast if its for a sale too, ahaha just shows where our priorities are :P
    I love those shoes in the 3rd photo, well..the 3rd pair youve shown there, they're so interesting! And the ones with the bows n studs, naww!!

  3. Great purchases! I can't believe I walked past Wittner yesterday and didn't even realise there was a massive sale going on.

    I hate it when I buy something on sale, and then see it reduced furthur later on! (I feel better if my size has sold out though) this has happened to me so much lately! Grr

  4. me loves the nude flats and patent bow heels! lucky you, i'm kind of a devout buyer of wittner but i never catch the sales.

  5. Oh gosh, I am droooling over your shoe collection! Man, I wish there was a Wittner close by me!! Arrr they're soo gorgeous!!

  6. so i guess no on the saving money thing?

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  8. Hey Cecilia,

    I got the pair with triple bows in a nude...I got them at full price about 2 months ago! I love them! Luckily I didn't see any of the nude pairs at 80% off or else I would be so pissed off.

    I saw the black patent ones with the big bow...but only in hot pink so I didn't get any.

  9. I love the last pair <3
    Any chance you'll let me know where I can find a pair? ;)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥