Friday, January 29, 2010

lilydale nearly killed me

far out, i had the worst most stressful day in a while today. I had to travel down to lilydale for my uni enrolment and although i had planned the trip and knew the timetable, it was still effed up. i had to be at the station by 7.30am, the train took a while to come- i think i must have just missed one. got to the city and had to wait 40 MINUTES for the lilydale train. wth right? and then that journey took over an hour, where i got off at mooralbark or something and then ran for the bus which came early and decided to leave just as i was about to reach it. the next one was in another hour. i was going to walk but passers by told me it was at least a 20 min drive- imagine how long to walk???!!!
so i headed back to the station, and the customer service guy was extremely rude. he knew nothing- or pretended to and was a total asshole. i nearly cried because i had no idea where i was, i had no credit and i was about to be an hour late for my enrolment if i waited for the next bus. I decided to just catch the next train to lilydale station and try and walk it to swinburne. Luckily, a really nice girl about my age decided to help me out and she showed me directions to swinburne. Said it was 5 mins, well it was 5 mins but when i reached it there was a huge sign welcoming etc and no building anywhere. I was like watt theee? so i asked a family who was taking a nice stroll. I was told it was all the way up the path, which was conveniently located up a fucking hill. i then jogged/power walked up the hill cos i was already like 20 mins late and it started to rain lightly. It took me 10 mins walking fast up the hill to get to a building. I was surrounded by nothing- there was not even a maccas anywhere. They're like an inch away from being rural country.

I love my course, it's a double degree business/communications, i'm still deciding but atm i'm majoring in public relations & international business. I have an ID card- unfortunately although i like my picture, there are tell tale signs that i hiked up the hill in the rain and took a 3 hr train ride as i had a slight "split fringe" and i looked like i was forcing the smile a bit.

I don't know what to do now, it's not only me, i made 2 friends and they were saying how they thought you could choose to study at lilydale or prahran but no, it's basically a 4 year course and one semester is at prahran as there's a design part/section (which i am very much looking forward to!) sigh. the rest will be at fucking woopeedee lilydale, my favourite place on earth *shoots self in head*

I guess i'll wait for second round offers, i'm really annoyed that i didn't apply for deakin geelong as it's actually closer than burwood and effing lilydale. i wanna slap myself as i had wayyyy over the enter they wanted @ the geelong campus and would have gotten in for sure. GRRR. anyone tell me, is there a way i can still apply if i hadn't put it down as a preference???

I have a small haul from a forever 21 group order with 3 other voguettes. we split the postage between us so it was cheap :) i spent $135 inc shipping and got 6 items.
*2x play suit/jump suits (one long black strapless one with ruffles detail on the front & one off the shoulder navy & fuchsia floral romper)
*1x bag (white quilted with black bow & detail + chain strap)
*1x shoes (tan ballet flats with bow detail)
*2x jackets (military style blazer with statement buttons-love the cut of this- & cropped denim jacket for all the summery dresses i wear)

The order was placed a few weeks back but it took a while (as per always with int purchases) for the items to arrive and for us all to organize a meet up to swap items & moolah.
I also did a bit of op shopping/thrifting and got:
*a jewelry stand
*a gorgeous blue with ruffles IDS dress
*white blouse with detail around neckline
*sportsgirl white flowy vintage style blouse (i need a white slip for this though as it's a bit sheer)

i just discovered i am "that time of the month"-ing so i guess maybe that's why i'm a bit "stab lilydale" but sigh, i'm so tired. i had 2 hrs sleep and it took me 9 hours from lilydale and back and i only spent one of those nine hours actually there at orientation. left at 7.30am, got back at 4.30pm. it's 1 bus(10mins)--1 train(50mins)--another train(1 hr 20mins)--another bus (20mins). and that's if i don't miss one of them or they're not delayed. *cries*


Just had a fresh shower and i feel a little better :) bit tired (understatement-very tired) but i think i'll be okay with the whole uni thing. I'll just stick with this and see and if the traveling gets so bad, i'll just transfer or defer.

half asleep and nodding off as i type so i am off!
shall do eyeshadow look for this weekend on sat or sun :)


  1. GEEZUS!!!!!! That is a completely epic battle!! You're strong! I think many people would had given up at the bus!! But I'm glad you continued on, even though it was so utterly stressful.

  2. Whoa! That is like epic commuting. Maybe you should consider getting a car and driving? Give it a semester and you can always reapply to other unis.

  3. thats a pretty epic adventure!
    i feel so sorry for you, i cant imagine how stressed you must have been!
    as mary said, if the travel to lilydale is getting a bit much for you, you can always do a mid-year transfer to another uni!

  4. Whoooooooaaa insane! I would have already been so pissed off waiting 40 minutes at flinders, let alone everything else you had to go through! I am SO impatient when it comes to public transport, I get annoyed at having to wait 5+ minutes for the next train. So I completely understand your rage at Lilydale, and admire that you were able to stick it out. But that's seriously crazy, 8 hours to travel to/from uni??? Waaaahhhh.

  5. hello just wanna say you are gorgeous! i love your makeup updates & shopping hauls. anyway, you can still make an application for "irregular offers" since round 1 offers have already been released. I applied for it because I changed my mind about my first round offer so until 2nd round came I was accepted into a course that wasn't included in my preferences. <-- have a look for more information about irregular offers, it is possible to apply for a course that wasn't listed in your preferences!

  6. @ s - sorry hun i can't visit your blog for some reason so i'm replying here :)
    oh gosh i was! i bought a really thick novel by cecelia ahern to read and i finished it before i even managed to get home- that's how long the freaking train rides were. gosh i wanted to scream, my neck hurt so bad.
    *hi5* at being impatient, one day i'll just snap and abuse the arsehole customer service guy, you'll see on the news screaming mb ;p like "student has gone crazy because of connex's shitty service"
    hope you're well! xo

  7. Poor you...I used to have to travel 2 hours to get to the Clayton campus for Monash as well and I hated it. It's like in the middle of nowhere. I am so glad I am outta there.

    Hopefully you don't have much contact hours for your course.

    Do post pics of your purchases. The jacket I bought from F21 is gorgeous but it doesn't cover my boobs...I am posting pics later so you will understand what I mean.

  8. thanks for the comment & I'm glad to help!

    well just give the campus a call first & ask for relevant details such as the required scores & prereqs. also ask for info about irregular offers & they can help you from there. I had to hand in the form in person so it may be a different method at each institution but its best to call them & ask. g'luck & hope it all works out well for you!


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥