Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mac palettes & white shoes baby

Those who follow my blog or know me closely will know my love & (slight) obsession with MAC eyeshadows.
While they are more of an investment than a bargain, they are so totally worth it. All you make-up lovers out there and eyeshadow people who have never bought a MAC eyeshadow before: what are you doing? RUN to a mac store RIGHT NOW. (although i recommened buying from america cos the australian retail is something to laugh at. $32 for an eyeshadow? purlease!)
TBH, i have come across one or two that i don't like- that don't show up well or that i have not found a way to make work.
those are: *drum roll for hall of shame*
*MAC ricepaper (so many people love this, why? it looks like yellow. and not a nice one, like im tryna make my skin a yellow asian tone instead of the neutral pink ivory it is)
*MAC hepcat, you piece of crap, you do not show up at all and lack so much in terms of pigmentation. shame cos you are such a gorgeous color in the pan

and MAC woodwinked was one of my least favourites till today- i now like it :)
here is how i made it work for me:

~MAC painterly paint pot as base, MAC spring up e/s on inner lid, MAC woodwinked e/s on mid to outer lid, MAC espresso e/s in crease & outer v. NYX pinky beige e/s from their green eyes palette as highlight. MAC hug me l/s on lips.

& outfit today:
dress: Ladahk
leggings: random boutique
belt: icon
necklaces, rings, bracelet: diva
shoes (can't see- beige/tan-ish ballet flats with buckle): novo

I've finished depotting nearly all my MAC eyeshadows. I need to buy a palette for yellow and gold eyeshadows though as i have a few coming from the US (amber lights anybody) and some left to depot. And also, i need a red palette, you know sketch, cranberry etc, which i'm yet to buy but will (see my mac eyeshadow wish list, hah, yes long journey ahead :p)
note: i also do not use 'official' MAC palettes as i find them a waste of money and cbf travelling to the only pro store in melbourne (you can only buy the empty palettes from pro stores so not counters at myer etc) which is not near me at all. i use BYS empty 8 shadow custom palettes which are only $5 each- of course i cover it with my own labels and etc)

here is where i keep all my MAC palettes: (and some high end lipsticks etc) it's a blue stationary holder thing, i bought it at officeworks for no more than $15.

and also by accident, i stumbled upon these gorgeous ofxord brogues on sale from $60 down to $20. hehe yay! i love them. last pair in my size too, wooo.


  1. Wow...woodwinked shows up so well on you! I CANNOT get it to show up!

    Is Hepcat really that bad? It was on my wishlist for a while...

  2. i kind of feel the same way about ricepaper, on my lid it looks horrible with my skin tone, it does work as a nice highlight for me though, have you tried that?

  3. Love your palettes!
    Could you tell me where you get your mac shadows from?

  4. i get my MAC eyeshadows from MAC stores in the US as it's cheaper. i use a parcel forwarding service to get them over here :) HTH! XO

  5. hi, just stumbled across your blog today :)
    i know of BYS - but where did you get those custom palettes from? i'm a melbourne-chicky too :D

    just forked over for postage from coastalscents - d'oh!

  6. @ Shannon; i got them from groove lovely! :)
    i think fashion addict sells them online too


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thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥