Saturday, January 16, 2010

NYX round lipstick swatches ♥ & M's 18th

Finally got around to doing all my nyx round l/s swatches.

Here's the video:

& the new l/s i mentioned in my last cherryculture haul post:




snow white


photowhoring with bro:

Friday night, i went to Morgan's 18th at The Nursery Bar in Essendon Melbourne, was quite a nice night though i was still feeling a bit wired and tired.
I was good (and a little scarred still from C's 18th where i drank too much and got the biggest killer hangover the next day) I only had one standard bottle of midori illusion. And i left 5 mins before midnight/12am. Mainly because the 'rents had to wait up to pick me up and i felt bit bad since i knew they wanted to sleep.

the Toys R Us crew + Ellen:

Also, i'm feeling kinda lonely and stressed lately. Hoping the stressors blow over and all. Argh just financial and business/unpersonal woes. far out.

Sammy is still awesome (as always) :p

{me eating a lollipop and sammy being cute}


  1. NAWWW that last photo of you is soooo cute!! with your little puppy and the lollipop and everything!! lolz
    and i haven't watched the swatch video but your photo swatches of the nyx lippies look good! I like the way they feel on your lips, but dont you reckon they have a really odd plastic taste? thats the only thing that puts me off buying them.

  2. oo I like Femme! you must have a mountain of lipsticks haha

  3. Wow..I love all the colours!!! Do you use a lipliner with all your lipsticks?

  4. Gorgeous lipsticks! I think I should avoid your blog though since I'm on a makeup ban. Haha

  5. @ bowsnhearts & in case anyone is wondering: no i don't use lip liner- i'm a bit lazzzzyyy and also i find that i don't really need lip liner. I have a few but they just sit there and never get used haha :)

  6. louisiana look so pretty on you!

  7. I really love the lipstick, when i go shopping i prefer to choose a quality lipstick that doesn´t cause any damage in my lips. I take care my lips too much, because i thik this is the sexiest part of our body. So when i feel sexy is better the man buy viagra


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥