Sunday, January 17, 2010

okey ♥ roberto's 18th shindiggg

I had the biggest sleep in today (saturday) i woke up at bloody 4pm and only because i had to. I slept at 7am after spending all night browsing vintage stores on etsy LOL
i'm looking for:
1. a pair of amazing leather gloves
2. gorgeous vintage-esque wall decal
3. jewelry stands (bird cage style or vintage-esque)

Had a friend's 18th birthday on at night & after dressing wayyyyyy too casual for friday night's 18th (the bday girl told me wear whatever when i asked about dress code) (and also, i was a bit lazy to dress up- my dressy purple top and black leggings + white leather sandals were quite comfy) I made more of an effort for tonight.

This is what i wore:
~Anise dress & RMK yoghurt stereo heels.
+ Black bag from forcast & bracelet from Diva.

Photos from the night:

Me & Donna with the bday boy! :)

The slideshow was adorable! had all these shots of him growing up and as a kid. haha! here's a preview:
The family speeches and all were pretty cute and heart felt too. He has such a close knit and loving family- you just gotta admire it.

Overall, pretty good night. They had a bar and heaps of cocktails which was nice. DO NOT HAVE A COSMOPOLITAN, it sounds so good but it tastes like SHIT (well, cherry flavoured MEDICINE) haha! - no offence do those who happen to like this particular drink ;)


  1. I love your Stereo heels!!!

    Your makeup looks flawless as usual!

  2. Hey Cecilia :)))
    I'm not sure what of what wall decal design you're after in particular, but Typo has some sweet ones (I guess with a touch of vintage feel?) Some you might be interested in are the chandeliers (which is what I have :D), Eiffel tower, branches of cherry blossoms, a window looking out to a pretty scenery.

    Urban Outfitters has some cute jewelry stands and wall racks you might be interested in :)

    Also, I'm not sure if they're available anymore, but Juicy Couture had jewelry that came in this packaging (, search in Google Juicy Couture statue if you want to have a browse of it. A bit pricey since what they're really trying to sell is the jewelry inside, and a bit small for a jewelry stand, but just letting you know :D!

  3. Cute pictures :) it looks so nice and summery and you have fantastic make-up it would be great if you included that in the 'what I wore' part of your posts! Or maybe do a make-up post? Please :)

  4. whoops i missed it...i'm gonna text him sorry now. he probably wouldn't even remember he invited me anyway!


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥