Saturday, January 9, 2010

♥ purple eagle & swatches: NYX round lipsticks

I often do eyeshadow looks as it's my favourite part of make-up; there's so many colors and you have a huge palette to play around with. in a way it's art. It's funny that people consider eyeshadow to be soooo dramatic and stuff cos it's the only make up item that doesn't hide or conceal, or make you look 'prettier' it just adds color and looks lovely done right.
It took me a very long time to learn how to make it work for me and find a method of applying eyeshadow whilst learning the technique.

So i'll be showing you picture by picture how i apply eyeshadow and how i did this look today.
I named it purple eagle :)

1. Prime your eyelid, i used MAC painterly paint pot- you can use urban decay primer potion or two faced eyeshadow insurance. Or even just concealer- it just needs to be kinda sticky.

2. Using NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk, i applied it all over my lid (to make the colors more vibrant)

3. Apply MAC retrospeck eyeshadow on the inner lid.

4. Apply Lime Crime magic dust in empress (eyeshadow) on the mid to outer lid.

5. Apply MAC nocturnelle eyeshadow in crease & outer v.

6. it should look like this: (right side not done yet)
NOW BLEND!!!!! :)

7. Apply Savvy by DB eyeshadow in peach as highlight up to browbone. (you can use any light eyeshadow you prefer to highlight, this is just the one i used)

8. Curl your eyelashes

9. Apply mascara

10. Using NYX milk jumbo eyeshadow pencil (or white eyeshadow or eyeliner) add a bit near your tear duct.

voila! :)
~wearing NYX circe lipstick on lips

Also as promised the swatches of the NYX round lipsticks i have so far:
I have a cherry culture haul coming in a week or so, then they'll be more swatches.








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  1. I've been thinking of buying the NYX milk pencil! Is it really that good of a primer?
    And ooooh @ the NYX lippy swatches..spellbound looks quite pretty! I've got circe and honey as my nude colours but honey looks very old lady-ish haha...i think it needs to be swapped!
    and your eyeshadow look is amaaazin! I love purple/gold combo's.

  2. P.S. I photo tagged you on my blog! :)

  3. OMG i totally know a place that sells anna sui in the city. its on swanston st, its called beauty something...cant remember what that something is, but its one of those asian beauty stores with weird eyelash curlers and liquids that do weird things but u cant read anything on the packaging coz its all in another language lol..anyway the point is, they sell anna sui, and im pretty sure they sell the mirrors there. it might only be compact mirrors though. otherwise you can find the handheld mirrors on ebay.

  4. that purple dust is an amazing color ! tea rose looks fab on you :)

  5. Ooh looking great as per usual! Thanks for the little photo tute, very helpful! Hmm...I need to investigate into getting some primer for ze eyes :) xx

  6. i love your long long lashes! you look gorgeous :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥