Sunday, January 24, 2010

stuff goodbye. hello again

So i know i said i'd go away and stop posting for a while but something personal in my life happened today which i don't feel like talking about at all. And all i can think of blogging about in my private blog is it.
I like the way i have just a private blog- like an electronic journal. I just get to note down things that frustrate me and family problems etc and just get it out of my system without regretting that i just told the whole world. Some things are too personal to share with complete strangers. I mean some things are hard to even share with those we are close with. We all have struggles in life that we find hard to deal with, and as much as i seem like a sunny happy smiley person, i have mine too. And you'd be shocked if i told you. (minus maybe 2 of my readers who know a bit about stuff) I'm a very open person but i'm very discreet & wary about certain things.

--- ♥ ---

So i had a bit of a bummy whatever day. Really bad head ache all day through.
Also a friend of mine from high school keeps calling me constantly and he called me during church when i was receiving communion and my mum picked up and when she handed it to me when i was back, i skitzed it. wth? he calls me like freaking all the time and i have a life, it's always in the middle of the party, when i'm sleeping, when i'm working or WHEN I'M FREAKING IN CHURCH. like far out, you're borderline stalker mate.

what i wore:
blouse: valleygirl (from like 2 years ago)
shorts: sportsgirl
shoes (black leather oxford booties): wittner
bracelet: diva
earrings: garfunkle

I hope i reach a 100 followers soon so i can do a blog sale, I really need to go through my make-up collection and cull a lot of it. Some really nice things but i just don't get around to using it all. and i keep buying more! eeek. So once i hit 100 followers/official readers- i'll be having a big make-up sale. International buyers welcome too :)

I'll also hold a contest once i hit 150. I promise some good give aways.

Anyways off to have another attempt at a movie marathon with the lil brother, popcorn? tick!
first movie? 'yes man'. yes indeed! haha :)


  1. You look gorgeous. Hope everything is ok x

  2. I love the high waisted tucked in shorts look...I wish I have the figure to carry that off but I have thunderous thighs!

    You look very lovely in all your pictures...I love the shape of your face!

    The boy is probably infatuated with you!

  3. Hey...sorry that I asked to join your other blog lol, I feel bad now :S I didnt realise it was like a sorta journal for you. I guess if I had a journal like one I keep in a book in real life, I wouldnt want other people to read it!

    And oooooooh a blog sale!! Sounds very cool. I need to sell of half my makeup too but dont know where I could sell it :( Stupid forums deleting the sale thread!!

  4. i remember when we watched that movie.
    Me: are you gay, carlos?
    C: No

  5. You're really cutee!! Following your blog babe:D Hope you do the samee!!! <3 I also love your nail rack in the background of your picture!!!


  6. 教育的目的,不在應該思考什麼,而是教吾人怎樣思考.........................

  7. @ 女孩, stop spamming all my posts with indecent sites you dickhead.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥