Sunday, January 31, 2010

surprise surprise

hello everyone! thank-you for all the lovely comments lately.
I have a bit of a weird story to tell today, i had work today and i worked with a co-worker who i always thought had a thing for me but figured maybe it was just his personality. And plus, he like hits on everyone so i never paid much attention to it.
However lately he's i guess, been paying more attention to me, but again, probably not a big deal since we are mates. Today he asked me to go to a festival with him after work and i agreed (then i realised i promised my mum i'd go to church with her and be home for dinner woops) and i asked my other co-worker whether she was coming to the festival too and she said he told her he likes me. I was like, no way, you're pulling my leg right? and she's like no i'm serious, he said he's attracted to you. So it got quite awkward after that because i knew if i went, he would think it was date or i just did not want to give him the wrong idea. however during my shift he came up to chat to me a lot and he is a very nice and sweet guy if not slightly weird and creepy lol.
But i didn't want to do it out of feeling like i had to or pity.
Not mention, i didn't wanna be a "hook up" get me?
So i had to come up with an excuse, i couldn't say i was busy cos he asked me what i was doing after work and me, thinking it was just casual chat, said nothing i'm going home. so i ended up saying i was reallllyyy tired. I went safeway after work, came out and i was sitting there reading my novel and munching on tiny teddies when he came out of nowhere like hi! lol, had a good chat though and he was all 'are u sure you'll be okay i'll just stay a bit more' I felt pretty bad about not going to the festival with him but i don't wanna give him the wrong idea. He's not really my type. 'nuff said, plus he's like in his early twenties which is way too old for me. It did get a bit awkward when he found an opportunity during a joke and asked me if i thought he was cute, i kinda cringed and said do i really have to answer? and he's like YOU DON'T FIND ME CUTE!!!!!! and i couldn't say anything cos it was true :S ah well, i really hope he finds the right girl for him cos i'm sure she's out there! but she's just not me.

okay so i'm way too lazy to actually take pictures and i've already worn a few items so they're in the laundry but here are pics (online) of the items i bought from my last forever 21 group order:
note for sizing comparison: all the clothing items were purchased in a medium. I'm a size 8-10, i think i'll have to purchase small next time for everything except outerwear/jackets as the mediums are a bit too big on me.
a black strapless full length jump suit just like the one above BUT with gorgeous ruffle detail on the bust (boobie part) can't find an exact pic though and it's sold out so the page is offline!

floral off the shoulder romper
cropped denim jacket with cute buttons (to wear with all the florals i have, adds a nice vintage feel/touche)

my fav! military blazer. drools, it fits perfect too!
tan ballet flats with bow detail

white & black quilted bag with chain & bow detail. i love this, it's so much more good lookin' in real life.
check it:

alright, i'm off! bed time for moi :) i have a small priceline haul to do tomorrow (i'm picking up a few things) and a lip gloss review + swatch.


  1. cute stuff.

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  2. ohh how does he look like? aww, gorgeous photos as always,:D

  3. I just put in an order for F21 this weekend, too. We got snowed in so there was nothing for me to do but to shop on-line. Lol, how come it seems like all the things you got from F21 is WAY CUTE?? I don't think the American website of F21 has much of a selection, uggh.

    Aww, your story about your co-worker made me laugh. It's always so AWKWARD when someone likes you but you don't reciprocate the same feelings back toward them. And you seem like me, a very sweet nice girl. So I can't see you ever GOING OFF on him, so therefore he might interpret it as you being "interested" in him (even if that's NOT the case!!) Maybe you have to be a little bit more blunt?!

  4. you have to point him out to me. come on. there must be a picture stashed somewhere.

    i went foots fest anyway! same same basically.

  5. Lovely purchases. I'm so tempted to do a Forever 21 order now. I'd probably order the 20 items to myself though. Haha

    Aww, what an awkward situation! I do feel sorry for the guys though, since it does take a bit of courage to approach someone (and potentially get rejected)

  6. so bored today i read through old xanga blog. random comment you left me:
    annie my dooortaaa !! u have no more words for ur mummy :( ur crazyyyyyyyyyy ! but im crazyyyyyyyyyy ! and we're all crazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy. heres a poem i wrote for u.
    my doorta,
    oh look at the yellow water,
    i am so bored,
    chocolate i can not afford,
    hinthint buy me some,
    u bum !

    love ya dude

    haha nothing's changed. love ya dude.

  7. i love that bow bag cecilia! its so CUUUUTEEE! =D
    you seem to buy so much stuff off forever 21 thesedays! i think its time i had a look on there!
    and lol @ the story about your co-worker, hahah nawwwww :P

  8. Haha funny story but I know what you mean!!! It's like 'I only want to be friends', as lameee as that sounds!!! Mmm love your haul, I must check out F21 and get myself a credit card or something...or maybe not :D


    PS I'm starting to do outfit posts!! I'm a little bit excited :D. Photos always make things more exciting I think...except my face is like blacked out haha!

  9. Lol...I am very awkward when it comes to guys...probably because I don't have much interaction with them when I was younger. My mother used to screen my calls.

    The F21 jacket sizings run small, I believe. I am a 12/14 and I ordered the L and it is a bit snug on it doesn't cover my boobs.

    But other than that, everything's fine.


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