Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uni, here i come & NOTD

note: in regards to my 'private' blog. i've had a few people ask to see it/be invited. i think i'd like to keep it as it is- private. call me old fashion but it's a nice release for me, like a journal. Also, i have to know people's emails to add them to the viewing list and i really cbf. sorry loveys!

sooo...I GOT INTO MY FIRST PREFERENCE FOR UNI *does gangstur dance* i'm pretty damn stoked as i started to get worried for a bit and i really wanted this course. i love everything about it except the location because classes will be on two campuses and one's close and the other- super far. Guess it'll be worth it though? :) I'll be studying business/communications (public relations) at Swinburne.

I bought myself a gorgeous cashmere scarf to celebrate! :) I'll need it in the winters i'll have to public transport it down to the far away campus.

CC now has a pashmina, cc has a pashmina! yayayayayay :D

Been a bit slack and lazy in regards to painting my nails, even had a good few days of chipped nail polish but finally got around to trying out a new polish!
On my nails i have one of Sephora by OPI's new colors: worth my weight.
it's a gorgeous gorgeous gold which i am in LOVE with.

coincidently it also matches my ballet flats/slippers from forever 21 which i'm wearing cos melbourne's weather is winter cold even though it's summer (i will never understand)

i love the bows! ♥

also did a quick outfit of the day shot while i was at the photowhoring and nail shots:
top: tightrope from about 3 years ago. haha i re-discovered it and i think it's pretty cute.
shorts: denim & from random brand? i don't know, there's no label lol! anyway i thrifted them :)
This was perfect for running errands ('cept i only then realized how effing cold it actually was outside) I took Sammy out and ran around with him. I swear that dog never runs outta breathe, he runs like a motorcycle. He's tiny so i have no idea where it comes from, not to mention he's only 12 weeks old! He was three months old today (the 18th of Jan-i always blog after midnight hence the time stamp) :)


  1. Love your cute and fresh outfit of the day! Oh, and you look super hot in these photos, hehe... ;)

  2. hehe cute nails! I just noticed your dog, he is adoreable :)
    Congrats on getting into your first choice too!

  3. WOOOOOOOO YEAHHH we are awesomeeee. *hi5 and bone-breaking hug!*

    tears of joy, i say. and the scarf? sounds a bit like confessions of a shopaholic to me. (yes, i did watch the movie but i must admit it was a crappy pirated version). i look forward to fondling it.

  4. Congratulations on getting into uni! Welcome to the life of a uni student. :) That scarf is beautiful, such a beautiful and calm shade of green.

  5. Im so proud of u that u got into your first preference :D
    And I love that nail polish!! Glitter = drooooool!

  6. Hi... sorry if I seem stalker-ish but I randomly found your blog and you have an awesome collection of nail polish! At least, I think it was nail polish... (in the background of one of your pictures)

    And what breed is your dog? He's adorable.

  7. @ Miss Alice, i tried to visit your blog/profile to reply to your comment but for some reason it won't let me!
    dw, you're not a stalker, i often stumble upon blogs too! :) haha yes, i am quite the avid nail polish collector.

    my dog is a cross of maltese and min pin.


  8. Sorry, it's a private blog. I hate that you can't make some posts private and some public!

    I want one! Sammy's gorgeous. :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥