Friday, January 22, 2010

watch the sunset with me baby ♥

I don't have much to blog about today so i'll do a quick run down of what's in and what's out for moi :)

-Sleek palettes
-Being slim & fit
-Making money
-Sleeping in moderately
-Fast internet
-San churro/choco churro/spanish donuts...mmm.
-Nando's chips

-Getting one shift a week at work (i had so many this week, what happened??! :( )
-Nagging mums
-Not being able to drive
-Sleeping in too much
-Too much stuff/hoarding
-Money going too quick

Today i slept in till 3, woke up to my 2 Sleek palettes arriving from the UK- I got Safari & Sunset which are both gorgeous!
I want to buy the original & storm now but the aussie dollar is going down again. BLAH- not to mention i am forever on the hunt for the graphite palette for under AUD $20- they're selling for like freaking $30 on ebay- uh no honey.

I payed about $30 for both of these palettes including shipping. so $15 each, and they are so much better than the NYX palettes, seriously.

I did a very quick look with them today before work (3 colors from the safari palette) and i really love them, the colors are gorgeous and pigmented, and they apply so smoothly with no fall out.
~UDPP as base. sleek safari palette; 2nd row, 2nd color on inner lid. 1st row, 4th color on mid to outer lid. 2nd row, last color in crease & outer v.
FOA lipgloss in chapel street on lips

it's about 3am atm in aussie time and i just had a midnite snack, my body clock is *totally stuffed up* though, so hence why i am wide awake.

In other completely random news, I am developing lustful feelings for someone i really shouldn't. But i can't help that i find them attractive can i???!! (it's not really their looks, but there's something about their personality/charisma that i find really droooool)
Anyway i'm not going to mention anything specific cos i bet someone who knows them will read this blog and then things will get *awkward* I've been trying something i call avoiding though :) but everytime i try this; i always bump into them more- and look like an idiot cos i'm like *look left* *look right* OKAY RUN FOR IT *runs straight into them* lol :)

okay i am off now! tata lovelies.


  1. You always look super pretty in all your photos! The colors from the Sleek palettes are gorgeously vibrant!

    Love, how you applied the three colors to your eyes!

  2. Haha shopoholic!!! Thanks for your really kind comments. Not being able to shop is really really hard.

    I really love the patterns on the eyeshadow in the palettes. I read about how to create patterns like this once if I depot my own eyeshadows. But I am too lazyyy.

  3. Nice palette and oh you have the prettiest hair! ;)

  4. love ur hair,

    hey how did u get the elf cos. shipped to Australia?

    thanks for the help!

  5. @ Dolly, can't visit your profile/blog for some reason! :S

    i used a parcel forwarding service :)
    hth! x

  6. Ooh tell me tell me whoooo???? OR ELSE I'LL EAT SAMMY and crush andrew's room, so he'll have to live with you and and then i'll steal all the delicious churros in the world and eat them all and you'll have none and be miserable. no pressure or anything. love you!

  7. hey,

    haha yeah i dont blog, i stumbled across ur site when i was looking for a dior lipglow review =) im currently a daily reader now =)

    how does the forwarding serivce work, is there a site i can visit.

    thanks =) xx

  8. Mmm I'm liking that 'in' and 'out' list! I think I may have to copy sometime soon ;). Btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE churros, they are sooo delicious!!

  9. @ Dolly,
    you pay them a fee and the parcel is delivered to them and then they send to you (you pay for postage)
    hth! google parcel forwarding and there are quite a few people who offer the service :)



thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥