Thursday, January 14, 2010

wednesday: chadstone bebe <3 & shopaholic rant

I only had 4 hours sleep (damn you, body clock!) but today i had a shopping day/coffee date with krissy. The train rides were a bit odd (hello smelly guy next to me who's leaning way too close, hello weird asian girl who is staring non blinking at me and hello old lady who is greasing me :p) But i had time to chill and read my novel and listen to music which i really liked.
I had to change out of what i originally wore as my mum deemed my skirt 'too short for public transport' so giving into the nagging 'i won't let you go until you change' mum- i opted more what she saw as a more 'innocent' outfit. (my mum can be so weird as they both seemed pretty similar to me- being both skirts- the other one was black and had a cut at the back but such a small one only a worried mum would notice :p)
For my make-up, i did a neutral brown eye with NYX champagne & caviar palette. I also had a play of my ELF brushes which i will review once i've used them for a while so i can offer an honest detailed opinion.

I only spent $35 including food today- which is pretty damn well good for me. I'm trying to save. I just am a bit suffocated by all the material things i own atm. Make-up i'll never tire of (i just love love make-up, another mum moment: my mum doesn't understand why i buy so much make-up cos she saids i don't need it and make-up is for ugly people-mum that is mean and also make-up is not about "covering up" it's about working with what you have-blue eyeshadow anybody???? :DDDDD)
I've listed like freaking 30 items on ebay or something; definitely check it out as i have some good stuff which i'm a bit hesitant to let go of; some i havn't listed cos of this reason. And i havn't even gone through my shoe collection properly to cull yet- it'll be a depressing task but i'm sure many will benefit from my short affair with gorgeous heels. MY EBAY STORE CLICK

the bargains which i picked up:

Sportsgirl UNFOLD & BE BOLD PALETTE. $9.98 (down from $19.95)

2x gorgeous statement rings at diva. $5 each (sale)

4x BYX eyeshadows 0.80 cents each ($1 normally) & 8 shadow compact empty palette for my MAC shadows. $5 (meant to be $4 but the bitch ripped me off. i know it's only $1 but wth advertise a sale discount but not give it to me? dumb hoe.)

The BYS shadows in my ELF compact: the BYS shadows were a bit of a hit and miss, some were really pigmented some weren't. so the 4 i picked out are gorgeous colors which are pigmented.

oh and a short complaining story: I feel like i should admit myself to shopaholics anonymous or something as i feel like shopping is stressing me out. The constant nagging from my mum and shocking reactions from my friends makes me feel guilty and bad. Also i make money and it goes just as fast. I've also been treated bitchily my sales assistants and i have a feelings it's because i seem like a tb dumb asian pretty girl, you know, the ones that hold up peace sign fingers and giggle, well I'M NOT BIATCH.
I've had some trouble with paypal stuffing up a transaction and deducting money from my bank account without me realizing and although that's being fixed up now- it stressed me out so much and i have to deal with dishonour fees etc. Not to mention, my step dad/mums bf has his CC on file and i was scared it would of charged his or affected it which i would feel horrible about.
My mum is always angry at me and i hate it, I know her opinion might not be mine but she does have a valid point: Saving may come in handy in the future.
Also, Krissy actually made me realize something, her being a shopaholic but still saving- such a small thing but i admire her deeply for it. I would love for a day where i could save a month's pay and not touch it or spend only a teeny fraction. note to self: must do, possible goal?
I'm a bit stubborn and as my bestfriend tereza will know, my bitchy animalistic side comes out when i shop-something i'm not necessarily fond of but is necessary when being a shopaholic. You gotta fight to get what you want. I'm a bit of a brat i admit, i always try to get what i want in life. So it's no different when it comes to shopping, a large part of my life (in terms of how often it occurs :p) Anyway i get into fights with sales assistants because they think they can eff me over with not giving me discounts that are CLEARLY stated or refunds/exchanges that i'm entitled to. Most of the time i get my way but the more they go against me, the more aggravated i get and i stand my ground. I work in retail, and i do hate annoying customers but when it comes to stuff like exchanges and refunds or discounts: i always try to give the customer the cheapest price i can like if the packaging is damaged or there is an offer on- i'll let them know. I also think refunds and exchanges are fine and whatnot as long as it's in 7-14days and unopened and unused. So I HATE it when i don't get treated the same way as a customer. so crazy stubbron animalistic cecilia has to come out to deal with these situations. END RANT.

also, thank-you for sticking by me today krissy! true friends stick by friends even if they don't know wtf is going on :p ♥

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  1. aww yay i got a mention! lol well Cecilia I hope my saving money ways can teach you something. Once you learn to only limit yourself to a fraction of your pay and leave the rest, shopping is alot better and theres no guilt like 'OMG I shouldnt have spent $100 on that top :S' etc. Remember that dress I bought yesterday? It was only $16 and it was gorgeous! So cheap stuff doesnt always have to be fugly :P
    And those sales hoe's had something up their ass, they were being totally 'omgahh im sooo much better than youuu' so lets just hope next time we go there, they dont serve us :P but they were in the wrong not giving you the price that you wanted! I didnt even know what she was on about when she kept saying 'its already been reduced from $7 and its now $5' or some shit. weiiiiird.

  2. i am always stuck near the weirdos on public transportation!

    both of you looked adorable! kudos on only spending 35 :)

  3. it's ok! I totally understand the whole shopping addiction thing. I buy lots of stuff - i used to buy at least one new item every week. the thrill of buying esp online is literally happiness in a tag. i dont know how to ever go on a shopping ban.. even if im on a "shopping ban" i buy small little stuff. lol.


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