Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what's in cecilia's bag

After the last post being about my favourite what's in my bags, i've decided to post my own.
This is the bag i use for work and when i go day to day cos it's big enough to fit all the things i carry around and goes well with many of my outfits :)

woops forgot to include my phone
& the pale yellow with navy stars bag is my make-up bag;

Sammy has been a bit down because we've been staying up late and sleeping in and then i had work and haven't played with him as much. So after work:


  1. oooo I did one of these the otherday :D
    I'll post the pictures of it in the morning!
    Hope you're well pretty! xxx

  2. 0o0o i love whats in your bag tags and ur dog is just soo cuteee

  3. Your dog is sooo cute! :)
    and is that red and white polka dot case, your sunnies case? if so, its soooo cute too! id always wanted to pop my sunnies in a case but its always either too chunky or i just dont need it at all. and i love the paul frank keyring :)

  4. your dog is adorable!

    great post :) xox

  5. what are you going to china everyday?

    i kid. must always bring my pocket Vaseline and hand sanitiser-i dislike germs as well as chapped lips.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥