Friday, February 26, 2010

baby don't worry,

ah its been a while! i've been super stressed and to be honest, a bit depressed of late. Getting all the uni arrangements sorted has been a huge pain. I am a mess sometimes. I've convinced myself that it's okay, i can travel 3 hrs to lilydale and then 3 hrs back for my perfect course (double degree in business and communications majoring in international business and public relations) but the truth is, no it isn't worth it. I only realized that when i woke up at 5am for orientation and it hit me that i dreaded it. It made me feel sick to even think of it. I looked at my timetable and tried to work out my availability for work and let's say i finish a class at 3pm, i won't get back till 6pm. so if i finish class at 5pm, i won't be back till 8pm. who the hell would hire me anymore? what kinda life would i have? seriously. So i'm transferring courses to the Hawthorn campus. Bachelor of commerce majoring in international business and co-majoring in commercial law. The bad thing is that they've already accepted international students, which they do after they've accepted australian students and they might be full. Sigh, thanks self for leaving it till the last moment. So i will have to start classes at lilydale and maybe transfer after a week. So a week of hell, great. I can't believe i put it as my first preference, I could have got into the course i'm transferring to now or Deakin's PR course. FUCK. I thought i could choose between prahran and lilydale but NOOOOOO.
So yes, then i had my bestfriend's 18th house party tonight which i just returned from. And i swear some of her bro's friends are like the biggest dicks. So i was just not in the mood for racist arrogant perverted shitheads you know? Only one of them really pissed me off but he kept going and i was just like this close to chucking something at his head. Whatever. I had 3 alcoholic drinks but then just stopped cos i am so over the last time i got drunk, i hated it. I will drink but stay under the limit.

what i wore-first part of the day (changed for night time):
dress: random boutique
vest: expression
bracelet: kate hill
shoes: wittner

I've got heaps of hauls as well so here goes:
stila sun bronzer in shade 01
NYC matte bronzer in sunny 720A
Givenchy interdit gloss in 02 Impertinent Nude
NYC translucent pressed powder
Sleek contour kit in light

2x inglot nail polishes in 803, a gorgeous purple toned pink & 840 a nude creme pink.

chanel glossimer in volage
chanel rouge allure in admirable & exquise.

♥ Chanel, Givenchy, Inglot, NYC & Stila goodness.

chanel rouge allure in exquise

chanel rouge allure in admirable

they're quite exxy but totally amazing.

few photos from tonight: the rest are on the bday girl's camera.
bday girl & her bro^

oh & some sammy moments:


  1. Sammy is so cute! and so is your dress :)

  2. awww....such a pretty look. I love the Chanel rouge lip color!

  3. Sammy is such a cutie! and I'm sorry to hear that you're having a rough time, I hope things will get better real soon, stay strong girl! :D and stay pretty!!

  4. that dress is so adorable!
    the chanel lip color is beautiful!

  5. hey hon.. your puppy is soooo adorable. :)

    btw i'm having a tarte giveaway, come join the fun :)

  6. Hi!!New Follower to your adorable blog....

    your outfit is so lovely....

  7. Omg that totally sucks about uni...I hate when you get excted about something initially and then you do the thinking about how its gonna impact your life and you think to yourself, is it worth it?
    I really hope you're able to transfer to the Hawthorn campus, fingers crossed you get in. I want Cecilia to be smilingggg :D
    And I love the Chanel lippies, theyre so pretty! Did you get them from SN?

  8. great haul onceee againnnnnn!
    you totally have to do swatches of your chanel lippies

  9. things will work out somehow. but a double degree means more time for some, i heard ronnie has some classes till 9pm or something. fuuckk. some people doing double degrees have more spare time then me though! grrr.

    hope the puppy classes went well! we'll catch up some other time :)

  10. It really sucks about your uni...I spent 4.5 years commuting about 2 hours to Monash in Clayton as well. After the first year, I simply gave up and stopped going to uni. I only went for tests, exams and to hand in assignments. Good thing is I started scoring HDs and Ds because I had so much time to study. Bad thing is I didn't make any friends.

    I would go to uni so much more if it's like 10minutes away. I hope that you can transfer successfully!

    I love all your haul! I have been going out lately trying to find something to buy but I haven't been able to find anything!!!

    Love Chanel lippies! Their glosses are really great as well..I have one and they last for hours on your lips!

  11. Woah, a 3 hour commute is crazy! I think it would be impossible to keep up for a temporary amount of time, let alone for the length of a double degree! I hope that you're able to get transferred soon!

    Love the haul as well. Great purchases as always.

  12. cute floral dress ... and I know this is random but... I love your bedsheets/comforter!!! so girly.

    ps. check out my new blog:

  13. Sammy is so cute! I love when dogs put their head to the side. It's so cute... hehe~ :) I'm glad Sammy is learning and that I could had been a help.

    Nice haul and I hope you review the products you got.

  14. gurrrll! youre a busy bee!
    i hope everything works out for ya!
    i love the floral, itss beauutifull on you.
    and i was dyyying over the puppyyy pics.
    he loookkss sooo much like my baby!
    i love it.,

  15. That sucks about uni, I hope everything turns out alright. Also sorry to hear about perverted dickheads, they ruin nights so much. Your makeup looked great though; what blush were you wearing?

    That dress is so cute. And Sammy still is too :)


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