Monday, February 1, 2010

gloss gloss gloss!

~yes take time out to do the simple little *free* things in life, like smell flowers :)

aloha! :) Today was a bit of an 'oh what?' day for me. I was woken up by my mum screaming cos Sammy had *gastro* (the d word) and he was pretty sick. It was major gross but he's my puppy and he was so sick and upset it was just very sad :( It took me 3 hours to clean up his room which is the laundry. horrid. detergent, bleach, dettol, you name it, i used it! i then had lunch and showered, got ready and all. I finally got outta the house just before 3pm and headed to highpoint- i had to pick up some things and also wanted to drop by priceline for their last day of their catalogue sale.
Also, i got a Myer one rewards card, a $20 gift card. I don't understand how or why though as i have not spent $2000 in the last 6 months-1 year there. wth? :S ah well, maybe i'll log online and check. Maybe someones been shopping with my membership? if so, THANK-YOU! yay for $20 gift card. it means if i buy a MAC eyeshadow, it's only $12 :)
I did end up spending quite a bit more than i planned. ugh. don't you hate that?
I stocked up on shampoo + conditioner cos the ones me and my mum use were on sale for $2 each. I got 2x shampoo 3x conditioner. I also picked up some things i've been wanting to try for a while, or well, one that i've only paid attention to recently and one that i've wanted since it was out in the UK/US. why are all my lemmings international? *cries*

my outfit:
jacket: forever 21
romper/jumpsuit/playsuit: forever 21
shoes: wittner (black patent leather sandals with cute buckle detail)


the things i picked up:
Australis colour inject mineral lip gloss in (from top to bottom) bellydance, contemporary, lambada. I actually had to convince myself to not get anymore colors. (3 more colors caught my eye) they were on sale at priceline for just under $10.

Maybelline color sensational lipsticks in pink please & peachy scene. I have wanted pink please for the longest time, it is the most pretty pink ever. I might return peachy scene as i'm a bit not sold on it yet, it reminded me of YSL rouge volupte in peach passion though (which my mum stole from me!!) might pick up pink me up, that looks like a nice pink too! although i don't remember swatching it so it mustn't have been that great or stood out.

anyway i'll be doing swatches & reviews of these lip items soon, if not looks.

I also dropped by Diva's 4 for $10 sale which i've been putting off but thought heck, why not, there's probably nothing left anyway. I picked up 4 things i LOVE! there were hardly any necklaces (except really ugly ones) but i'm into rings and earrings atm anyway :)
how awesome are the earrings? also the gold & purple statement ring is a copy of house of harlow (nicole richie's jewelry line) starburst ring but not black, and instead purple. i like it :) and for $2.50, why have regrets? so happy cos they were all the last ones in the store in small too. yay for sales in my size!

anyway pretty drained, tempted to have another mooovie night but Andrew doesn't wanna watch the ugly truth with me. yes i am watching that movie again, i like it ok!!!
cos we just got more popcorn :) and for some reason i'm in a munching on popcorn mood.

popcorn munching off...*


  1. ooh i love that jumpsuit on you, its very cute!

  2. my brother liked the ugly truth, so no need to be ashamed. its very chicky-flick corny, but that balances out with the funny.

    and i've finally watched 500 days of summer. kind of, in my opinion indie meets romcom hollywood, but a good movie with, as you would say, good 'filmery (haha)' in general.

    highpoint should put you on a leash once you prance through the door!

  3. oh i hope sammy gets better! all the best!

  4. love the outfit and the accessories ;)

  5. Lol...I am pretty sure you spent a lot in Myer and that's why you get the rewards card!! You are such a shopaholic!! But shopping is really fun!

    I love the playsuit and jacket on you!

    The first photo is sooooo pretty!

    I hope your little doggie is all okay now. :(

  6. Ceciliaaa I got an awarddd for youuu check it out! Congratulation .. Your outfittt is cute!@ I lovee it :D

    Cindy<3 xoxo

  7. Cute outfit!

    I haven't been able to find anything decent in all the Divas I've been in. All ugly reject stuff. Or maybe I'm not looking hard enough!

  8. cute outfit :) and great purchases too.
    I'm trying to stay on my shopping ban till march - it's so hard!

  9. $2.50 for that ring?! Awesome, considering mine cost $60!! But it has mother of pearl on the inside and it is HUUUUGE.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥