Wednesday, February 17, 2010

green tea ♥

hello all! today my cherryculture order arrived. I also got a call from work and took a morning shift, hello 8am start tomorrow. :( booo. but i need the money $$$ and i like working, but 8am?????? :( ah well. i actually had a choice between 7am and 8am and i wanted an extra hour but wasn't worth the $15 waking up at like 5-6am to get to work on time. It'll be good though as i'll be working for quite a few hours.

here is what i received in my cherryculture haul:
i took advantage of their 20% off code about a week ago.
~NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in black bean, NYX french kiss megashine lipgloss, NYX dusty rose black label lippie, princessa sharpener (standard small side & big side for my jumbo pencils), kissywear eyeshadow in walnut, amuse blush in dusty pink color, NYX cream blush in natural, NYX eyeshadow trio in green colors & L.A. girls groupie nail polish.

A look i did with the NYX eyeshadow trio;

~wearing urban decay primer potion as base for eyeshadow & maybelline superstay lipgloss in beaming blush on lips. i also double winged my eyeliner using maybelline lash stiletto interchangeably with NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in black bean.

Next week i have a fully hectic schedule although a few things to be excited about/look forward to!
I'm a first year uni student this year so i'm all new to the scene and a teeny bit nervous. Especially about travelling to my uni..ugh. Not to mention, i have no idea where the prahran campus is so i'll probably take a detour and end up at some expensive boutique on chapel street lol :p

zeee schedule;
sunday: work
tuesday: work, stocktake = a whole day at work doing boring stuff
wednesday: bestfriend's 18th
thursday: orientation @ swinbourne
friday: orientation/maybe bestie's birthday bash.
saturday: Sammy's puppy training class & my Work party.

so yeah! a bit scared and traumatized about traveling to lilydale for orientation so i might ask a friend to come with me. :(


  1. I love the new eyeshadow!

    Again, Lilydale is so damn far away...I hope you don't have to endure all the travelling for too long.

  2. that carlos...oh well its your own money so you can choose how to use it. i'm just here to shake my fist at you whenever you go overboard. until fist is waiting...

    okay! need to stop sounding wrong. ah! orientation day. dreading it baaaaad!!!

  3. Pretty look! green shadow looks good on you! :)

  4. awesome haul!! and im so inlove with the shape of your eyes! :D

  5. girrrlll i love this eye shadow.
    it looks gorg on ya!

    omg perfect!
    theyre destined to be inlove.
    pupppys are the besttt.
    mine has helped me get through soomuch!
    she is only 9 months old.
    im so obsessed with her its bad.
    like she takes baths and showers with me and i brush her teeth every night.
    she also has her own drawer of clothes and hair prettys.

    tell me about your baby!

  6. The trio colours are nice<3
    I never tried NYX Glosss,how are they??:P

    Cindy xoxox

  7. You're amazing that you can update in daily basis!... hehe~ I struggle to update twice a week. :X

    The green looks good on you, but I think I like your smile the best... hehe~ You have a happy, cute smile! :)

    What would you like to know about training a puppy? I'll try my best to answer it from my experience... hehe~

  8. I never thought of ebay to look at for decals... lol.

    Groupie nail polish is one of my faves, I have nearly the entire collection of rockstar polishes, they're all gorgeous.


  9. Thanks for replying to me on my blog - you're so sweet! :) You totally look gorgeous in those green eyeshadows - I can never pull it off! lol. great haul and I ENVY YOUR nail polish rack!

  10. oh, & thanks so much for following my blog too! :)

  11. you seem like such an adorable girl I just felt I wanted to follow instantly. :) And you do look very cute in the green shadows.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥