Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy asian new year!

Been quite a stressful day today for me, i did heaps of household chores and cleaned up after Sammy. Owning a puppy is hard work. mine shits everywhere. it's unfortunate but true. He's half toilet trained. but like he has no endurance. what an arse. he never holds it in even when he can. it's not like i'll be there to open the door whenever he needs to go. i take him out every 30-60 mins but like he's unpredictable and yeah. I'm not gonna give up on him though, it's just really hard to train a puppy. Especially one who thinks he's hot stuff like Sammy.

Anyway last night i went to Krissy's 21st dinner @ Sante's ♥.
My best mate Carlos came with me as my +1 and was a nice night. I ate wayyy too much, it was my only meal for the day as i was running around and didn't have time to eat beforehand. I seriously felt like a pregnant women by the end of the night. I went to watch a movie after as i didn't think i'd be able to get into the bar but apparently they didn't even ask for ID so should have gone for a drink maybe. I'm put off drinking since an unfortunate drunk night few months ago so i wouldn't have drank much anyway. still! would have been fun to have a drink to end the night.

I saw Valentine's day in cinemas, funny movie! wayyyyyyyy corny though. and i nearly choked and forgot to swallow my spit cos there was a scene (actually many scenes) where the lifelong bestfriends realize they're meant to be together and it was wayy cliche but awkward as i was sitting next to my best guy mate lol! I inched away a bit but then there was a stranger next to me and she could have been a lesbian so i just sat still. :p
Overall, fun friday night!

I have 2 more Sleek palettes to add to my collection;
the original & storm palettes
and a Sleek blush which is not pictured. But i have really bad luck with items lately as the orignals palette is faulty and won't close. why oh why! first the chanel gloss and now this palette! :(

well i'm off to celebrate the rest of the night and count down with the family! toodles :)


  1. Your dog is adorable! and you're gorgeous :) x

  2. Great pictures! I am curious about the Storm Palette, I've heard a lot about it!

  3. Happy New Year Cecilia! And Happy V Day to you too!

    Where do you get Sleek palettes? How's the color payoff like? I love both the original and storm palettes!

  4. i love that dress!
    youre too cute girl!

  5. HapppY Newwww Yearr Cecilliiiiaa!!<3

    Yourrr Sammmy is oneee adorable doggii! Don't give up on himmm!! It takes a while to train:D

    Have fun and goood luckk with everything:D

    You'ree cuteeeeee as always >=D

    Cindy xoxox

  6. HI!! happy cny! :D im glad u had fun with ur friends, ur dress looks gorgeous on you btw! :3

  7. Hey, girl! "Chuc mung nam moi" (hahaha, I hope to God I said that right).

    May you get a lot of red envelopes!!! Btw, I'm really liking that blue-and-black dress you are wearing. I've been shopping for so many dresses lately. I'm definitely waiting for spring to creep up 'round the corner. I bet Australia is about to get cooler soon, right? We have opposite seasons since we are on the opposite sides of the hemispheres. >:p

  8. Have you considered getting a dog door put in? Or what you could do is to hang a small bell on the back door and train your dog to ring it when he needs to go out. It's fairly simple - everytime you take him outside to toilet, take his paw and tap the bell to sound it before opening the door. Overtime that behaviour will be conditioned and he'll do it instinctively.

    Toilet training is hard work but don't be put off! The key is to make sure your dog doesn't go inside the house AT ALL. Each time he goes inside it resets his training a little. Oh and make sure you clean up the mess properly, not just with water and detergent because dogs have sensitive noses and they can still smell the scent. And once they get accustomed to going in a specific area, they will think of it as their toilet area so remove all scent!! You can get the cleaning product from pet stores, it's not very expensive.

    Just make sure you take him out as soon as he wakes up, after drinking and eating immediately. Oh and you probably won't like this but it's a good idea to set your alarm in the evening for around 3am and then 6am to take him out as well. Very tedious but if you keep this up he'll be toilet trained sooner and will stay toilet trained - no relapses. I remember when my dog was a puppy I had almost no sleep for 2 months. Good luck!

  9. @ Sarah, i can't visit your blog for some reason but thank-you so much for your comments and advice! it's very helpful :) i've suggested some of them to my mum and i took him out at around 2am last night. i might trial the bell idea as that's pretty smart!

    thanks again darl :)

  10. i spent my valentines day as the 7th wheel. i should've just stayed home.

  11. lol I hope your little puppy is toilet trained soon!
    Happy new year too :) those palettes look great too :)

  12. Love what you do with your makeup, as I said. But you must have heaps of repeats and unused colours in all those palettes you buy. Do you get to use them all?

  13. your puppy is adorable x3
    i love those colours they look so versatile
    andand ur gorgeous!!

  14. You're puppy is so cute! I'm glad to hear you're not giving up on the toilet training. It takes time especially for smaller dogs.

  15. @ 九份; for the HUNDREDTH time, please stop spamming my comments with porn sites!!!!!!!

  16. @ Belowen; i can't reply to your profile/blog for some reason so i will reply here! :)
    ah yes, the storm palette is quite nice! i'd say it's one of the best out of the sleek palettes. it has a nice combination of neutrals and smokey colors.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥