Sunday, February 28, 2010

hello uni life

~urban decay primer potion as base. pink eyeshadow from beautyuk #1 palette on inner lid, purple eyeshadow from beautyuk #1 palette on mid to outer lid, grey smokey eyeshadow from beautyuk palette #5 in crease & outer v. maybelline line stiletto eyeliner to line top lash line and flick out. wearing chanel rouge allure in admirable on lips.

ah uni starts tomorrow for me! kinda excited but so not prepared for it. my first class starts at 1.30pm so i will have to leave the house at 10.20am but due to crappy public transport times, i will be there half an hour early. BLAH but it's the only option, or well, half an hour late? haha
I've just bought 2 jackets/coats for the upcoming winter and i went up a size (i'm an 8-10) as they sold out in my size. Hopefully the 12 fits good as it is meant to be a jacket so nothing figure hugging. But i don't want to look like i'm wearing a potato sack either :p

blue juice ultra statement jacket

mermaid sister glitter girl slouch cardi

i also placed an order @ ASOS:
lock leather & suede purse

ruffle one shoulder playsuit

illamasqua powder blush in hussy

can't wait for everything to arrive ♥

I had my work summer partay at 42 bar & cafe on puckle st moonee ponds. it was quite fun as i work with a few of my good friends and overall pretty awesome people;


  1. Your necklace is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

    Good luck with your first day :D I'm starting today too :D (First class also being at 1:30!) .. but I'm at RMIT in the city so I'll take me forty minutes to get there!

  2. Cute pictures! Love the cardigan & playsuit :)

  3. hey!! good luck on your first day! :D and very cute photos <3

  4. so how freekin cute is that outfit.
    i lovelovlove that skirt! oh my goodness,
    you're so HAWT!

    my pup's gemma.

  5. Just wanted to drop a hello :)

    im loving the playsuit and blue cardi!

    <3 Diana

    P.S. stay beautiful

  6. heylove, i gave you an award on my blogggg.

  7. Good luck tomorrow with school! Things will be fine... hehe~ It's a new transition in life.

    Dogs change personality throughout their life. I should know... hehe~ He might be telling you something though with his barking. ;)

  8. That jacket is the most beautiful colour.

    It was MAC Sweet William that I love on you! I'll have to go and check it out.


  9. Knowing your commute, you probably won't read this until midnight, but I hope you had a fab fab fab first day!

  10. I love the jacket, it's a beautiful colour. Hmm, wear with boots?

    Hope uni wasn't too taxing. :D

  11. Hey hun,

    May I ask where you got the bluejuice jacket from? I'm absolutely in love with it.

  12. I'm studying Engineering =)

    How was your first day at Uni? Hope the travel wasn't too much of a drainer =\

    Ps. Could you recommend a good yet inexpensive eye primer? I'm sick of having to fix my eye liner every hour =|

  13. is that skete? what a pedo. i joke!

    ahh hope you're doing alright. so you're officially going to hawthorn?

  14. @ rigmarole, i can't visit your profile/blog for some reason :( so i'm replying here.
    i got the blue juice jacket from but i think i got the last one as they were having a sale

    hth! :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥