Saturday, February 20, 2010

hey sailor!

Ah, yet another no good day. I slept in, cleaned up & played with my puppy. Then i spent the rest of the day "chilling" watching episodes of 90210 (i'm now hooked on this show) This is due to my new internet plan - 130GB per month, 65GB on peak & 65GB off peak. so i have been trying to put it to good use! :)

I have received a haul from Forever 21 which i shall post pictures in my next post. I bought 5-6 items with a mix of jackets, shoes, tops & dresses so thumbsup! However bad news, the dress i bought does not fit me. I bought a medium and it is too big. I'm always just paranoid & cautious though (online shopping=no chance of trying on to see fit based on design) because i know mediums will never be too small for me as most of the time wear smalls; i bought medium because i always worry if i buy small (US sizing may differ!) it'll be too small (stupid boobies). lol! :( next time next time.

what i wore:

top: Sportsgirl
cami underneath: Forever 21
shorts: Lee
necklace: Diva
shoes (not shown, black heels with layered stud bow detail): Wittner

I went shopping in the arvo with my mum, was nice and i picked up two things i really like!

~me in the car with my oroton sunnies saving me from the bright burning rays of the crazy hot melbourne sun.

~being awesome with my mum in the change rooms! :)

What i bought:
high waisted floral cream skirt with black band + zip detail.

(long time lemming alert) nautical white & navy strip cardigan with statement gold buttons. i love this so much! i was planning on splurging on one just like this that i saw at chapel st. a few weeks ago but this was like half the price of that one. woohoo!

So i will be attending the Lover jumble sale in melbourne tomorrow (most likely will be anyway) and it starts super early (i want to be there for the good stuff!!!) so i must be off to sleep. I will also need to drop by resume at a shoe boutique that is hiring and it would be awesome to take it on as a second part time job. But i'm outta ink to print my resume so must drop by the public library! :)


  1. 0o u look gorjuz as usual and i love your ootd and ur glasses are so pretty

  2. I love the Sportsgirl top! I see that you are wearing your Wittner triple bow heels as well! They are so fun!

    I have decided not to go tomorrow to the Lover sale since the coat is still pretty exxy. I love the nautical cardi! Where did you get it from?

  3. ohmy goddd, i llove you these outfits.
    you look so hottt girll!
    i lloove them, i want that white top and your flowery skirttt!
    soo cute!

    awe gotta love pup pups. mine is seriously like a human. like i have to hold her and stufff. soo funnyy!

  4. Such a beautiful top, and I love that skirt!

  5. aww thats soo sweet shopping with the mum!! i loove that skirt, it looks so vintage and classic! <3

  6. Ouu those are such cute outfits! :) Love your Diva necklace too! Don't you just love Diva? Lol. :)

    To reply to your comment, I have purchased the full set of Sigma brushes & the 2 sets of travel brushes 7 plan to do a review on them soon. :) Some of the brushes are good and some are plain horrible! Like... if you gave them to me for free I wouldn't use them! lol

    I love how you alwaya update your blog so often! Will be back! x0

  7. i'm free for half of thursday i think? after 1 or something. i'll get back to you soon when i find out!

  8. Are you wearing fake eyelashes in this pictures?

  9. The flowery skirt is cute! I like it a lot... hehe~

    Hrmmm~ I don't know much when it comes to leases because my Tobey loved it as a puppy. He related wearing a lease to going places... lol~ He would carry his own lease in his mouth when he was a puppy, and walk himself around. It cracks me up to think of this memory!... lol~

    When it comes to potty training, there's a lot of rules. One of the first thing is taking the dog outside to pee before coming inside the house for the first time. Once they release their system, they cannot try it at home... hehe~ In this case, it's already too late. :X If he pees/poops inside, you need to clean it well. You need to buy a special cleaning product from the pet store. Even cleaning with human cleaning products doesn't get rid of the smell. Dogs have sensitive smell. Once they pee, they can smell it and know it's okay to pee in that spot. For that reason, there's a special cleaning product for pets. Once you use that, they know not to pee because they cannot smell their own urine. If you catch him peeing, say "No!" then grab him and take him outside. He will relate No as a bad thing and know to stop him. If you don't take him out automatically after you say No, he wouldn't know why you're yelling. He knows he did something wrong, but there wasn't any action for him to figure what he did wrong. By the way, don't say No and then add his name Sammy. He will relate the tone of the voice No and Sammy together and think his name is a bad word... hehe~ Most people have a habit of doing that including I when I first started training my dog... hehe~ Going back to potty training... If you have two types of flooring (example wood and carpet), you need to play on both area. I use to play with Tobey on the carpet and he related the wood floor as outside. He would only pee on the wood floor and not the carpet. You need to play in all areas so he knows it's home. That's the only thing that pops in my head at the moment... hehe~

    Sorry this is such a long post, but I hope I helped in some way... hehe~ :)

  10. @ Hii, i can't visit your blog so i shall reply here.
    No i am not wearing fake eyelashes, i've never worn fake lashes before and i never do in any of my pictures. But i want to in the future! i wanna try those feather ones and dress up style ones :)


  11. I know what you mean re 90210. I find it's so addictive to watch...

    That skirt is so pretty, where's it from?

    Your mum is so cute!


  12. Love the nautical cardi, it's so cute!

  13. Oooh working at a shoe boutique ey, that would suit you so much :D
    also speaking of forever 21, i bookmarked some things i wanted to buy, incase you still wanna do an orderrrrr :)

  14. love the navy stripe cardi that you got!

    wish i were still in Melbourne so that i can go for the Lover sale. ): nonetheless, hope you'll be able to get some good bargains!

  15. i love the pretty blouse and your bow heels! the heels are to die for.. so chloe!

  16. love your striped cardigan! so cute! :)

  17. I love your hair <3 looks so soft & silky

  18. 0oo0o0o0 i love your hauls you have the best taste

    totally random but i wish MAC wasnt so freakin expensive in Aus


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥