Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it's all peachy. ♥

Today was another hot day in melbourne, i like hot days but for some reason the hot days lately have been annoying and overbearing. I'm actually starting to miss cold weather.
I really need to sort out my sleeping habits too, falling asleep every night at 4am is not good for my health. I also end up sleeping in and wasting half my day.
I miss my bestfriend (if you're readng this tess- ♥ you!) whose been busy lately and has a lot of things going on so i haven't seen much of her, Also she's moving away so no more being 2 mins walk away from each other. Although i have been to her new place and it is grand.
My other bestfriend who is a boy is being a bit moody (as per always) so i'm just doing something called not giving a shit.
I feel like going to watch a movie @ the cinemas, anyone seen any good ones lately?
We also took Sammy to the vet today for his second injection/vaccination. Poor kiddo cried so much this time so it must have hurt/been a bigger needle head. :( so sad cos he's so tiny and he was so scared.

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. peachy beige e/s from sleek sunset palette on inner lid, vibrant emerald green e/s from sleek safari palette on mid to outer lid, MAC tempting e/s in crease & outer v. Wearing maybelline color sensational lipstick in peachy scene with australis color inject lipgloss in lambada on lips.

Maybelline color sensational lipstick in Peachy scene;
it's a nice color but i'm more excited by the other color i bought 'pink please' & my mum loves this as it is close to YSL's peach passion so i gave it to her. I might re-purchase for myself, maybe.

what i wore:
top: valleygirl
shorts: vintage
bag: forever 21
shoes (not shown): wittner

Australis colour inject mineral lip gloss swatches:

Lambada: a cool toned bubblegum baby pink

contemporary: a peachy pink nude, very similar to lambada on my lips though.

bellydance: my favourite. a gorgeous peachy coral pink.

& a tag:
I was tagged by the lovely Cindy

Here are the Instructions:

1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy.

2. Give a top 5 list of trivias about yourself.

3. Share the award with only 5 lovelies

4. Link the blogs you choose and link the blog of the person awarded you.

Things that makes me HAPPY {10}:
1. my puppy, Sammy
2. music
3. friends
4. ice-cream
5. mocha
6. family moments
7. money
8. good novels
9. shopping
10. make-up!

Trivia about MYSELF{5}:
1. I am vietnamese, fully. and like 2% french from my grandfather's parents loll! anyway i am not chinese, japanese or mixed with white or filipino.
2. I dislike vegemite. i hate it so much. so so much. it's like shit in a bottle. no offence to lovers.
3. It takes me a long time to get over someone for good once i've really liked them.
4. I'm really messy when it comes to my room although i'm a major perfectionist. weird
5. I talked extremely fast and even faster when i'm excited! :p

I now Tag:
1. Tereza
2. Annie
3. Krissy
4. Tran
5. Deb
6. Hope
and i'm cheating! cos i want to tag 6 lovelies :)


  1. aww thanks for the tag, I shall do it when I get the chance :)
    LOL @ you talking fast when youre excited...you are the fastest talker I know! And when I'm with you, I start to talk fast too! Lol.
    Nice swatches of the lipglosses, I've got contemporary, its nice and nudey on me. Dont you reckon those glosses have a weird taste/smell though? I cant put my finger on exactly what it is!

  2. love the lips! I hate this hot weather, it's foul!

  3. Thanks for the tag!

    I love all the lip colours but especially peachy scene!

    I also love the ruffles on your Valleygirl top!

    I hope Sammy is feeling better now...needles scare most people, I guess.

  4. Heyy lovie, thanks for the tag!!! Haha I'm also a weird perfectionist who has a horribly messy room! Mum always tells me to clean up! I'm like...yeah...maybe :P

    And gorgeous jumpsuit that you've got in the last post! Soooo cute!

  5. how COULD YOU HATE VEGEMITE. HOW. it's like sex in a jar, you just can't have too much of it because that's when it becomes grotesque.

    thanks for the tag! but should i do it now? i should sleep...yeah i think i'll sleep. so should you.

  6. pretty swatches!

    i have the same f21 bag as you:D

  7. love the peachy goodness!! you look really cute!! and major cute bag! :D

  8. I love the peachy!! Its sooo cute & looks very good on u(r) lips !!!

  9. WOW. 0_o I had nooo freakin' idea you're full Viet! I always thought you were Chinese this whole entire time. You just gained x100 points in my book! Lol, I wanna check out that movie "Dear John". It's by the same author that wrote "The Notebook", so I'm sure it'll be romantic as hell.
    Anyway, are you ready for Tet? :)

  10. Firstly love that shade of lipgloss.
    I also know what you mean about the weather, but I am a winter person so I am patiently awaiting its arrival hehe
    For movies, I am dying to see nine and shutter island! x


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥