Wednesday, February 17, 2010

pancakes lover bebe ♥

So a few hours ago i was making pancakes and they were delicious! i think i ate one too many (seems to be a case these days with food, am i becoming emo? :s) they were quite fun to make as well! :) I have not had the chance to post as frequently lately or respond to comments asap as i've been a bit busy. I haven't even had a chance to go down to the post office asap to get items posted for ebay (which i think have lead to unhappy buyers i'm sorry!) I've just been caught up with chores and looking after my puppy, i let him outta my sight and BANG he's ripped something or the like. Also, he has to be fed, cleaned, played with and toilet trained. *SIGH. he's lucky i love him!
~after work with a 'no i don't want to take a photo but my owner's making me' Sammy.

~Urban decay primer potion as base. light peach/beige from beauty uk #1 palette on inner lid, golden brown from beauty uk #1 palette on mid to outer lid & dark brown from beauty uk #1 palette in crease & outer v.
Maybelline line stiletto liquid eyeliner in blackest black to line top lash line & flick out slightly. Wearing Bourjois docteur glamour lippie in rose retabli + Mac love nectar lustreglass on top. ♥

I've had a few items arrive this week + small haul;

~2x BeautyUk eyeshadow palettes in no. 1 (pastels & neutrals, bit of everything) & no. 5 (smokey eye + blues) i love these more than my sleek palettes!
Bourjois Docteur Glamour lippie in rose retabli
Urban decay acid rain eyeshadow
3x Maybelline superstay glosses in glass rose, beaming blush, rhinestone pink- i found these on clearance for under $4 each at the safeway/woolworths near my work. and they normally retail for $21. woo yeah! :) they're great too.

i've got a small haul from the US coming, a cherryculture haul, a strawberrynet purchase, small haul (sleek) from the UK, 2 forever21 hauls + 1 urban outfitters haul coming up. Yes i have successfully sold a lot of my unwanted items, And yes i have spent the money on more WANTED items :) plus goodbye a lot of my pay & extra moolah :( haha! so keep an eye out for goodies in the next few posts!

and i've also put up a wall decal above my bed; ♥
i love it! :)

I have uploaded a new video; February favourites for my youtube beauty channel;


  1. ngaaw i love bird cages! it's such a lovely design! :3 now you made me think of pancakes, I think I'll go make one later :3

  2. oh girl your gorgeous.
    your hair is beauutifulll.
    and i love you pup pup.
    mine is a girll morkie.
    half maltese and yorkie.
    they can be bffffers!
    what is yours again?

  3. The Beautyuk palettes are exactly what I'm looking for! I hate just buying 1 eye shadow :(

    Can you tell me where I can find these??

  4. the bronzy colors look gorgeous!

  5. Your puppy is so cute!!! I have a wall decal like yours too, mine has birdies and a tree.

  6. cool wall decal man! i saw one of those and thought-30 bucks? i'll do it myself. and now i'm like-meh. do it some other time.

    this procrastination shall be the death of me.

  7. Aww... your puppy is so cute! :) You got such a deal on those maybelline lipglosses! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing your favourites with us too :)

  8. Oh, and did i mention you're really pretty too :)

  9. That wall decal is gorgeous; I've been searching on etsy for one for my room for ages, but I just can't find the perfect one.

    I'm looking forward to all the upcoming hauls!


  10. I'm glad to hear you're not giving up on your puppy, Sammy. :) How old is he? If I remember any puppy training, I'll tell you... hehe~

    I keep seeing these UK palettes. Unfortunately, there isn't any here which is a good thing... hehe~ I don't need anymore. I have way too many as it is. :X

  11. Cecilia dearest! You are officially the shopping queen! I love looking at all the things you have bought and wish I can buy them as well! Haha! I love your eye makeup! I would love for you to show me how to do blending on my eyes!

  12. Ahhhh where did you get your wall decal? You've really inspired me to get some for above my bed too!! It looks amazing =)

  13. Hehe I enjoyed watching your video! Youre just so cute I wanna squeeze your cheeks!! ^_^ lols...oh and I used to have one of those Maybelline glosses, pretty sure it was rhinestone pink, but I found it was too much effort to apply a gloss in two steps! haha.

  14. Love the wall decal. It's so pretty!

  15. @ s, i can't visit your profile/blog for some reason so i'm replying here :)
    i got it off ebay, def check it out as it was quite cheap! hth! :)



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