Wednesday, February 10, 2010

viva la lovely ♥

So i took advantage of the 10% off fragrances offer on strawberrynet a week or two ago and purchased a fragrance i've wanted for a while. My only other fragrance is miss dior cherie which i paid full price for at myer a year ago ($220? for 100ml, around there, it was exxy!) and i've wanted a change. I got juicy couture - viva la juicy 100ml edp ♥
and a chanel lip gloss for $120 shipped. However as much as i love the perfume...
The chanel lipgloss...was damaged!!!
I mean surely, i did not pay for a cracked lipgloss? anyway i emailed them nicely with pictures and so far they have not been very nice so i'm not happy. I've never actually had a problem but thought they'd be more helpful and nicer (i've purchased from them like 5 times already, come on, cut me some slack, you owe me good customer service!)
Not to mention, this was a $35 lip gloss so you know, i kinda expect $35 quality and that includes an uncracked casing!!!

I also snagged myself a sleek graphite palette off ebay UK, now this cost me twice or triple what i paid for the other sleek palettes i have. i think i paid around $35 or just a lil more for this. But it's limited edition and sold out apparently so blah. It was alright, i actually got a cheap price. It was selling like hotcakes for like up to $50 or more so i'm alright.
I've also got a few more items from the UK coming, including another make up alley swap so i'm excited! :) if i can't be in london, i will be there in shopping spirit! haha. i so wish i lived in the UK :( i just love everything from what i know, the shopping, the style, the make-up, the atmosphere.. ah well! i love melbourne too though :)

what i wore today:
dress: mink pink
belt: temt
shoes (not shown, tan ballet flats with bow detail): forever 21
necklace (not shown, vintage swans with heart): etsy, ourteaparty
ring (not shown, gold statement with black crystal detail): diva

~MAC painterly paint pot as base. light peach (1st row, 2nd color) from sleek graphite palette on inner lid, mac freshwater eyeshadow on mid to outer lid & sleek dark navy (2nd row, 4th color) from sleek graphite palette in crease & outer v. Wearing Chanel aqualumiere lipgloss in candy glow on lips.

I went out for lunch with my best guy mate cos i haven't seen him for over a month! he went overseas for a holiday all over Asia. Anyway it was great catching up! our lunch ended up being like 2.5 hours in a restaurant at southbank cos we had so much to say and then we went for dessert and around the city/crown area.

something quirky & weird we saw: LOL! bored people i tell you.

He bought me a pearl necklace (pearls are cheaper in asia) and i thought it was very nice and thoughtful as i didn't expect anything.
Plus i still owe him a xmas present! He bought me a present before he left for xmas too so i'm a bit behind in the present giving :S i friendship! :D
Boys though *sighs*, we had a dnm and i tell you, the lives of 18 year old boys are not simple or innocent. haha!

me & sammy! he's been a bit naughty and cheeky lately. like epicly hypo. like he's on drugs! lol. so it's been a bit hard keeping up with him but i still love him!


  1. so sorry about the cracked lipgloss :(
    but at least it wasn't half used or anything like that :)
    i love the smell of the juicy perfume. cute outfit!

  2. gah im sorry to about the cracked lippie, hope they get them replaced asap! :D and yeah pearls are forever lovely indeed. I super agree with you on uk, i saw a cellphone charm shaped like a heart with the uk flag designed on it. It was so pretty, I'll try to see if I can post it in my blog real soon :3

  3. that bottle is soooo cute!
    gotta love juicy.
    and omg your pup pup is PRECIOUS!

  4. the bastards. i can imagine your compulsion as per usual. you can send cracked lipgloss to anyone, but not cecilia! i shake my fist at them.

    carlos got me a cool bag! i now either use his or yours, depending on the occasion.

  5. ohh awesome you got viva la juicy =] its awesome, you will love it! :)

  6. You're so pretty love ! xoxoxo

  7. Aww...I hope the Chanel lipgloss is usable, at least? Their lipglosses are soo pretty! I have a light pink one that I have forgotten the name of!

    The juicy bottle looks really good!!

    God, it's so hot in Melb today!

  8. Now following :)

    I've been lurking around admiring your eye makeup.

  9. Ouu I just love the bottlee it's so cuteee<3

    You're prettty as usual:P


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥