Thursday, March 4, 2010

busy bird :)

hello all!
first off, thank-you for all the support whenever i stress out and rant about how crappy things are, eg. uni travel. I have good news about that btw! I am actually really loving my uni course and loving lilydale (well not really but i don't mind it anymore) i canceled my application to transfer to the hawthorn campus because bachelor of commerce- eh...a bit boring for moi :) i much prefer and think i'm better suited to this bachelor of business/communications (out of the ones i've had so far i am loving my media class but not my marketing-ugh vomit oh and im nervous about my public relations class due to the upcoming public in front of everyone presenting type of assessments) I also think the double degree will give me more career options once i've completed it (if i choose to stick to it, if it remains interesting haha :p)
i've made a few (pretty awesome) friends and encountered one unfriendly rude person. Also there is this really cute guy in a few of my classes who makes eye contact with me so i'm planning to introduce myself next time i see him (cue girlie giggle :p) travel time is about 2 hours if there is no rush hour train commuter moment and also there are quite a lot of express trains which skip half the stops on the lilydale line so all good. metlink journey planner has been quite useful to me lately. oh and the best part, the uni cafe makes really good hot mocha and coffee. yummay!
I was also super surprised when i rocked up to my first lecture and there were at least 50 people there, civilized, modern kiddos like myself not country bums haha. (on the way over i saw heaps of horses grazing in meadows therefore prompted the thought of country country country) my largest lecture is the PR one and i think there's at least 100 people in that lecture. Oh and i managed to knock over my swivel desk in the middle of that btw and drop my books on the people in front of me. :( nice one cecilia! lucky they were super nice and even picked up my stuff for me.

~urban decay primer potion as base. stila kitten e/s on inner lid, urban decay acid rain e/s on mid to outer lid, kissywear walnut e/s in crease & outer v. wearing chanel rouge allure in exquise on lips (i think and possibly a gloss, cant rmb :p)

I have a really expensive US order from MAC/SEPHORA/ELF/CHERRYCULTURE to pay for (i used a parcel forwarder/personal shopper service) and i'm short about 1/4 of the moolah due to my ASOS order and the two coats/jackets i recently bought for upcoming cold weather. sigh
i really want the items too so argh! one of the items is the URBAN DECAY ALICE IN WONDERLAND BOOK OF SHADOWS so major yayyyyy!

I've managed to change my time table so i only have classes 3 days a week, although they are fully packed. i'm thinking this is pretty damn good for a double degree so hurray! i now only have uni on monday, wednesday & friday. the most busy day being wednesday (hello 12 hr day, vomit)

Tuesdays are now mine and my lil bro's sibling day/movie day. after he gets back from school i take him out. We went to eat dinner and see a movie on tuesday, saw daybreakers quite a good watch but a bit freakay.

oh and poor sammy got his final vaccination this week and also was microchipped. he cried so much, my mum called me as i had just finished Uni for the day and i heard him crying over the phone, felt so bad for him and wished i was there but couldn't miss out on my classes.


  1. im super glad that you're finally liking it there! and so giddy about that cute guy too! would be some lucky guy if you introduced yourself to him teehee! my gosh we all covet that urban decay book of shadows!

  2. ohh i m so glad things are getting better! yayyy! everything happens for a reason && everything works out the way it should. oh cute boys, the best!
    && youre just gorgeous miss! and so is the precious him.

  3. Hey Cecilia !

    Happy to hear that things are getting better for you :) and that your finally enjoying it hehe!

    I was wondering what forwarding company you use? I’ve been eyeing stuff from Sephora for ages and never know which forwarding company to trust!

    If you could let me know that would be great !

    Thanks babe !


  4. your going to love the alice in wonderland book of shadows !

  5. lol that puppy shot is awesome.

  6. Ngaw, I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying your course :D

    Uni is alright for me. Lectures are sooooo boring. I was screwed over by some chick and got placed in a group with fobs for the semester (we have team projects for one of our subjects). It's going to be a little difficult but I guess I should try to stay positive and not be so awkward and obvious that I don't want to be with them .. that way things will be work more smoothly, I guess.

    Also, I don't know if I chose the right course anymore. Very confused =|

  7. I'm so glad that everything's turned out better :) I'm glad you're still doing pr, although I also hate the idea of assessments based on speeches...

    What's the parcel forwarding/personal shopping one you use? I am so jealous that you're getting the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows!!! I'm excited for you to get that! Some dodgy Australian site is selling it for $99, how much was it in the US?

    I'm kind of glad to hear King William was LE because I went to MAC the other day and looked at every colour twice, believing I had gone crazy when I couldn't find it.


  8. its great to hear every thing's going well!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! yeah, i'm the same! the people are pretty cool, and the course, cooler. even though i have monday-friday 9-5 i don't mind as long as i'm doing something i'm passionate about. we'll catch up when its less hectic for the both of us for sure, yeah?

  9. It's good to hear that you are coping well at uni now!

    I can't wait to hear more about the cute boy!

    And oh...I just pmed you a long msg on FB!

  10. Good to know you're doing well :)
    Lovely pictures!

  11. Hey Cecilia <3
    I've just come across your blog and it's fab my dear :)
    Plus, your dog is SUPER cute


  13. I think it's so sweet you have a day in the week for your brother. I don't think most siblings do that... hehe~ I know I didn't get that from my brothers. :/

    It takes awhile but you can figure your dog out after awhile or at least I think so... hehe~

  14. I think it's so sweet you have a day in the week for your bother. :) Most siblings doing do that... hehe~

    It takes awhile but you will figure out Sammy or at least I think so... hehe~


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥