Saturday, March 20, 2010

lala land :)

so this week has been hectic! my first ever uni assessment was due. It was a 20 minute oral presentation on marketing research and we worked in teams of two. It's only only week 3 of uni but we offered to go cos the first group to go gets an extra grade (hello high distinction please-a class mate was sitting next to the tutor marking and said we got near perfect marks so with the extra grade, fingers crossed she saw right, i'm pretty stoked!)
I caught up for coffee with the lovely Louise on tuesday, we went on the search for the autumn collection of ulta3 polishes but ended up on a hectic exercise routine walking all around everywhere haha.

^i have red ear muffs on but you can't really see it :( but they're there!

I shall now leave you with some photowhoring - my beloved photobooth app ♥ haha!
oh and i also trimmed my hair again, shorter fringe ya know :)

+ can't forget sammy! i absolutely adore him :)

oh and PS. saw the cute guy mentioned in previous post @ uni today (friday) again. I'm so curious to what course he's actually doing cos i see him in 3/4 of my units. The only one he's not in is the marketing one, which is a smart move cos i hate it, i didn't even know we could choose our units for first year though. damn. And i've said previously i would talk to him but i'm too shy =p so maybe he can just continue to rock up to the same classes so i can perve on him when im bored- JOKES. ;)


  1. hahaha, i love the comment about perving on guys at uni
    i do that too ^_^"
    too shy to approach, but too irrestible to look at haha

  2. Glad to hear that you are having some fun times at uni! Are you getting used to the travelling yet?

    I love your hair colour in those pics...I so need a hair cut and a hair dye. Any recommendations?

    Let's have a girly day out with Krissy when we get the F21 orders.

  3. Aww thats cool that you got an extra grade for going first! Its good also cos u get it out of the way early so u can focus on your other assessments!
    I like your new fringe also, it looks awesome!

    and I second Hopey - girly day out ftw!! :D

  4. uhm youre are too damn stunning.
    i am inlove with your eye make///lips in these last pics.

  5. Hehe I now think you have more photos of me on your blog than I do :) Tuesday was great, we should catch up again soon.

    Glad to hear the assignment went well!


  6. Congrats on acing your first assessment!

    And you should just talk to him ;) hehe

  7. Hey love :)

    Your hair looks great!
    And I insist you take sneaky photos of this cute guy for us to see!! LOL!

  8. I'LL TALK TO HIM FOR YOU! don't worry, i won't say anything embarrassing... and i finished my shower! weeeee so refreshed.

  9. oh dear, behind your stunning picture is a stunning rack of nail polish lol!!

  10. I know how it is to love a dog. I didn't expect to love Tobey that much, but I adore him with a passion... hehe~ Sammy is a cutie pie! :)

    Your hair cut looks good!

  11. I love the colour of your hair! yes, i see the red earmuffs! Cute! I have a marketing oral presentation due soon too! I'm glad yours went well! :) But you look super smart anyways!

    Love all you pics as usual. How can you take such perfect pics? xo

  12. aww I'm doing marketing too :) other than the extra grade for going first, i think the first group to present is actually easier because you set the standards for the rest of the groups and you can also just sit back and relax after you are done.

    i like the new fringe.. i need to trim mine too.

    i say you strike up a convo with that guy lol. maybe ask him a question and go from there? ^-^

  13. awh I love your blog. we have the same dog! hehe


  14. @ T-TTEZZA; aw i can't comment on your blog for some reason :S but yes i agree! it's nice having eye candy during boring lectures though ;)


  15. Stumbled across your blog & I like it. New follower :o)

    check my blog out


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