Sunday, March 14, 2010

rouge coco lovely

wearing chanel rouge coco in #17 Orchidee.

I'm on a strict saving regime cos i have things to pay off but i could not resist such good bargains. Myer was having a $20 off when you spend $100 or over deal. And i also had a $20 gift card. So i purchased 2 of their new Rouge Coco lipsticks, i ended up only paying $60 for both of them instead of $50 for each of them. It's cheaper than strawberrynet!

I may only keep mademoiselle (no.5) as i think orchidee (no.17) is just too bright and a bit garish. I may exchange it for Egerie (no.6). I also think orchidee is a bit too warm for my skin tone. The SA applied it at the counter for me so i got to rock it for a few hrs and decide.

^me & moi lippie!

here are swatches from temptalia;
mademoiselle is the middle color here: and egerie (my possible exchange) is the color on the right next to it.

orchidee is the middle color here: I think the color on the left to it (the blue toned pink) may look better on me.
damn it should have tried it! there were just so many colors!

I also picked up 2 maybelline color sensational lippies as Target has them for only $12 at the moment (they retail for $17-18 normally).
These swatches are off Makeupalley & aren't mine;

make me pink:

pink me up:

i also picked up a really nice simple stripe tunic dress;

Sammy being cool;
^mid yawning action.


  1. Yay...whats the date that you're gonnna have your party? Anddd where are you gonna go clubbing?
    Hmm I havent been to Margo's before so I cant really tell you...but you know I lurrrve Sante :) Only thing is, they dont take bookings on Saturday nights, thats why I did my bday on a Friday.

    Btw, my friend Michelle said she saw you at Highpoint! lol how random!
    Also! Tuesday before 1pm, do you wanna do something? I can come to your house and just hang out? Msg me on fb =]

  2. nooo it looks really good on you! keep it! I ordered some from SN the other day, hopefully they get here soon :D

  3. The color looks great on you. I love the make me pink, chanel lipsticks are really smooth to wear.

    I got my eyeshadow palettes from adam beauty. I think the f2 is sold out now. You can have a look there.

    I am smiling sweetie, hope you are too, you look so pretty!

    Speak soon

  4. oh gosh those hues are perfect on your lips!

  5. you look beautiful! I think you should keep it :)

  6. youare lovely misss.
    i want those lipsticks.
    they look so amazzzinnggg.. eek!
    youre gorgeous your gorgeous! <3

  7. Love these lipsticks colors. Especially the make me pink and pink me up.

    xoxo, thn

  8. love those shades, girl.
    make me pink is beautifuL!

  9. You got such a good deal on those Chanel lipsticks!!! :)

    I don't know who's lips are those from MakeupAlley, but it's hot!

  10. love those sunglasses on you xoxo

  11. HOLY SHIZ!
    you have the most amazing skin, ever. xx

  12. Hi, new to your blog :) I love your light purple nail polish!

    I think the egerie shade looks better than the orchidee... according to the swatch. I do however, love the make me pink shade. I'm a sucker for pink lipstick & gloss :)

  13. @ omfg-vivian; i can't comment on your blog posts dear (i think you've disabled comments) so thank-you :) and your blog is really cute.

  14. I Love Rouge Coco! In Italy these lipsticks unfortunately cost so much :( Kiss. Annamaria.


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥