Saturday, March 13, 2010

steal my beret

I'm feeling a bit funny lately. I think i'm just everywhere in my life atm, I need to get things back on track. I'm stressed about my uni school work too, as i have a first assessment due next week. It's group work and my partner lives literally on the other other side of melbourne and works full time so it's hard to actually get the work done. It's neither my favourite or strong subject either, MARKETING. ugh, and i need to get a report and presentation done.
My 18th birthday is coming up in around 3 weeks as well so i have to get a move on and get the invites out and organize it. I've created the guest list at the club but that's about it so far.
**okay i've just done the invites, but i have not finalized the place for dinner yet. it's between 2 restaurants, one's an all you can eat so i'm leaning towards that cos people can munch to their desire.
^me being cool on photo booth :D haha
^again with Sammy.

I slept in epicly today. I think i woke up at around 3pm, it felt soooo good. I'm just so tired from commuting nearly everyday so far away. I also gave myself a hair cut/trim yesterday cos i was just so so so sick of my too long hair. It's still pretty long and i literally chopped off at least 10cms. It was getting to the point where my longest layer nearly touched meee ass. haha :p

^kisses from sammy!

~Urban decay sin primer potion as base, NARS south pacific eyeshadow duo on inner & mid to outer lid, MAC satin taupe in crease & outer v. Wearing chanel rouge allure in frivole on lips. ♥

what i wore:
a light peachy pink and white floral vintage style dress with tan leather belt.

me & sleepyhead;

I think i will at least clean a bit of my room up as it's so messy i just hate it. Like it's now beyond messy. I just have things EVERYWHERE. and i'm having trouble actually finding things grrr! so i'm off now to clean clean CLEAN! :)

^two things i love most (aside from family and friends :p)

moi & my beret.


  1. You're a stunner :) and I love the colour of your nails!

    Ngaw, I hate group work too :( I'm stuck with two fobs for the semester :( .. and I good looking white guy ;) LOL!

    Ngaw love, you should send your invites out ASAP or else a lot of people will have made plans already =\

    Good luck with Uni and birthday plans xox :)

  2. LOVE you in that beret! uni will settle down I promise! it's always hectic at the start xo

  3. Haha! Yeah, you should send the invites now! Just let the guests know that you're still debating between the two restaurants :) They might even help you decide which to go to. LOL!

    Mm, I will keep an eye out for wittner sales from now on :D LOL!

    I have facebook .. but I'm one those people who flood your live feed with groups and such ;) LOL! So yeah, I tend to warn people of that .. and if they still wish to add me thennnn!/htealoves is the place to go :)

  4. Hi,

    You always look so beautiful. Your style is amzing too.

    All the best and luck at uni =)

  5. i adore that pink dress.
    youre so cute in your beret.
    and god that dog is so damn cute!<3

  6. that beret looks super on you dearie! and atleast you had some good sleept atop all that work! and very lovely photobooth! they look like CD covers to me :3

  7. Haha, is Sammy on Facebook in that photo?

    That beret looks good on you. I can't wear beret's, they look deformed on me.


  8. Dark lipstick really suits you. Was wondering is it a lot of work looking after your fringe? I'm thinking of getting one cut in a similar style x

  9. You look very cute in your beret:)

  10. You look so cute with Sammy! :)

    Oh wow it's so hard to get a license over there. We only have written and driving test. Then again we have a lot of accidents here... lol~ :X

  11. omg yay i cant believe youre gonna be 18 in 3 weeks :D awesome. i better be invited :P

    and you look so cute in the beret!!

  12. So cute in that hat! and the eye make-up is great too!
    How goes the puppy toilet training?


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥