Thursday, March 11, 2010

winter raindrops

*whinging alert*
I have been so busy lately :S It's all wired, sleep, school. I have no shifts at work this week which makes me a bit emo but gives me a chance to relax. My room is a mess, I have not been eating well and ugh. I have so many things i want to buy but i just can't afford it atm. (the lovely em, im so sorry darl- by monday x) Also my first order from ASOS sucked. Maybe God is telling me to stop shopping so my items are being ruined on purpose. Everything does not fit me, it's all too big :( and i think it's just the style or something, but it's wayyyy too lose around the bust which is weird because normally my boobies filling out clothes aren't an issue but for this garment to fit me i would need like EEE boobs or something. It's a standard UK/AUS size 10 too which i normally where. I should have got an 8.
I thought i got the perfect winter coat but i bought it in a size 12 and it's way too big. My friend suggested i get it tailored but i really can't be bothered. sigh. size 12 was the only size left and i really liked the coat.


My 18th is coming up in 2-3 weeks so i must plan what i'm actually going to do. Or i know already but i can't decide on the restaurant, how many people i can afford to shout etc. I also need to make a guestlist at chasers and send out invites. It's a bit of a weird situation as I have new friends from Uni that i'm not super close too yet (obviously it's only been 2 weeks) and i am talking to my high school friends less and less. I don't know how to judge the closeness of my friends to me if i can only invite a limited amount to dinner. Of course they can all come clubbing with me after and bring their friends.

I still need to get my L's. I have finally booked it, i'm sitting it at the beginning of April, before my bday. wish moi luck. should i actually read the book? or just wing it?

I am so sick of early starts on public transport to Uni, i nearly fell asleep in 2 of my lectures today. I'm finding the business part of my double degree super boring. I'm loving the communications. I wish i did the social science/communication double degree instead though.
My day at uni today was pretty good though, I hung around with my most consistent uni buddy (i actually know her pre-uni from common friends and she's dating one of my good work mates) and it's been good cos we chilled and went to the student lounge and dragged bean bags out to bum on which was fun :) It's also been nice to have a train buddy as well since we're both from the western suburbs. Which reminds me, the oddest thing happened today. We were both at the bus stop and this girl comes up to us like hello! and full on beaming and i assumed it was her friend and she assumed it was my friend (ive never seen this girl before) and then she went on the bus and sat opposite us staring and laughing at our jokes. it got really awkward because none of us knew who she was. Went to coles and got chocolate after class for the train ride though was yummay! Also, another ODD thing, The lilydale priceline has a CHANEL counter. not joking, it has all this other deparment store brands too like estee lauder. major weird. Maybe this is what happens when you don't have a myer? :S never thought i'd find chanel at priceline though.


  1. oh wow, you have a lot going on in there! so that means your birthday is in April too, are you an Aries baby? :3

  2. hi cecilia! I just stumbled upon your blog and I think it's so cute! sorry things weren't going the best for ya in this post :( just think, spring is coming soon!

    wishing you a good day :]


  3. Hope things get better for you. Asos can be abit of a pain sometimes but overall are quite good.

    take care

  4. Oh I was worried you didn't get my comment for the last post. I was having google problems and it kept telling me the comment didn't go through *sigh*. It seems like you got my comment though... wheee~ :)

    What is "L"?... lol~

  5. I would say don't wing your L's, but I think on the VicRoads website there's a test that you can do to help practice for it. Def do that times 100 because the same questions will pop up in your test! You don't necessarily have to read the book (though it helps).

    WTH?! Lilydale Priceline has Chanel. LILYDALE?! lol, how random.

    I am smiling, and I hope you are too my dear.

  6. Definitely study for the learners!

    I didn't and I failed the first time, which was really embarassing (I'd just been accepted to Law at Melbourne Uni and I failed my freaking learners). You better believe I studied the second time around. :-)

  7. so the honeymoon stage is over for me. gonna push through all the intimidations and work hard! away procrastination, away!!

    winging L's=possible loss of $30. just do the test over and over man, even though i'm sure you'll get in easy but best not to gamble. GOOD LUCK!


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥