Sunday, April 25, 2010

dinner to attend, yes.

♥ Urban decay primer potion as base - MAC retrospeck on inner lid - MAC parfait amour with paul & joe no. 38 & MAC stars n rockets on mid to outer lid - MAC fertile in crease & outer v. - Wearing Chanel rouge allure in exquise & NYX sorbet round lipgloss on lips.

dress: valleygirl - belt: temt - shoes: wittner

bag: forever21

shoes: wittner

Tonight an old class mate of mine had a dinner to celebrate his 18th birthday so i came along :) it was a small gathering and most of his family was there so it was really sweet when they all did their speeches!
Unfortunately it was one of those- 'i like the birthday person but not some people there' parties. But a lot of the people there were very nice :)

with the bestfriend, birthday boy & his mama.

I'm getting sick because of the weather which is very sucky :(

And uni work=major procrastination. I have so much to do but i'm gonna wing it and just do it on monday/tuesday. wish me luck!

my lovely, sammy;

Also i felt like a change, so i got a new blog template. I was going to just make a new one- but thought i've had this for a while- so i might as well continue on :) I like this template as i'm using my own image account now which is SO much better than blogger's (no offence blogger! :p) And i love how the pictures are clearer & bigger.

I am in the mood for resolutions and from now on, I plan to concentrate more on my school work (after this weekend :p) Less on useless things. I will sleep before 1am every night. I will keep my room clean (this one i know i won't keep but oh well) Friday nights will be my clubbing night. I will cherish and spend more time with my love ones. I will either ignore or tell the dickheads in the world that i dislike them and not bother with useless hellos and goodbyes. I will eat better, I will exercise (maybe) And i will smile and live in the moment!


  1. oh that grey & white patterned cardigan is amazing! where'd you get it!! i think you should tie your hair up more often!

  2. Hugeeeee blog template. I likey.
    I may get a bigger one too sometime. Ah well.
    Cute cardigan! And I agree, your hair looks fabulous in an updo.

    Just take it easy in this weather, stay warm, light exercise, don't always remain indoors (that's why people get sick, they're inside too often in winter), eat well and you'll be apples!


  3. ohh sammmy, what a cutie pie!
    and you look so amazing as usual you beauuutiful girl.<3

  4. you llok adorable
    loving the shoes

    join my giveaway :) 1205 giveaway

  5. You look so pretty babe!!!

    I love the heels too!

  6. so PRETTY!!
    aahw and you're dog is such a cutie<3

  7. your neutral eye makeup in the last two pictures is a nice change from your darker looks! :D

    i am incredibly jealous that the drinking age in Australia is 18.. i'm from the states and i have to wait one more year to legally drink in public HAHA

  8. i think it should be every 2nd friday. my wallet cries whyyy

  9. Hey babez,

    Just so you know, you were the runner up winner for the ardell lashes :)

    pls send me your address and il send it your way soon.

    my email:[at]gmail[dot]com


  10. Cute new template!!

    Be careful with photobucket though, it appears as "over the bandwidth limit" when you upload too many photos and too many people are viewing them :)

  11. hey hun I tagged you

    btw you look gorjuz with your hair up

  12. you look so cute, blue looks great on you

  13. Pretty make-up!
    x fashionnerdic

  14. Just stumbled onto your blog. Such a cute picture with you and your dog. Is he/she a yorkie?

  15. i had a yorkie too. I miss him.. You're dog is cute :)

  16. very pretty!! love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  17. I love you with your hair up! You look gorgeous!
    *Looking forward to more photos like that ;D*

    Ps. I have MAC's matte eyeshadow in plumage (used twice). If you like, we can have a ail swap or something :)

  18. Hi love,

    Sorry! I only just saw your comment >.< I got the shoes from here. I hope you can figure out how to navigate the site, as it's a bit hard, but once you get the hang of it, you won't regret it!

    P.S. I agree with everyone. You look gorgeous with your hair up!

  19. @ janelle; he's not a yorkie but a maltese cross min pin. :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥