Thursday, April 1, 2010

easter hunt baby ♥

happy easter darlings! :)
so i passed my L's and now have my learners permit! so in a year i should be able to drive :) i did some shopping after, i picked up Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. 'L' perfume, it was $20 for the 50ml as a chemist near me was having a really crazy clearance only till 2pm today and there was this big crowd huddled around the table so it drew my interest. i quite like it! i don't have anything that smells like it, it's very casual, floral and sweet. I love it! it'll def be my 'casual' fragrance, as my others; miss dior cherie & viva la juicy are very strong and statement type scents. When i wear it to work i feel like it's too much. Oh and the packaging of this perfume is so gorgeous! i love it, it's so pretty and retro.
me happy with my new scent ♥

I did a bit of vintage shopping too and found an amazing JAG blazer that fits perfectly- i love it so much! i also picked up a witchery blazer and a few amazing cardigans. Found a lovely fitted denim jacket to wear with my florals and also a nice houndstooth coat! ♥

Also in depressing news, i have gained weight lately- i didn't realize how much till i weighed myself recently and it's quite a bit. I haven't gone up a size but i used to be a size 8-10, and now a size 10 is a big tight on me in the hip region. The people i've told said they can't tell but i sure can :( and i purchased my 18th dress last year (i love it, it's gorgeous!) and it was looseish on me and now i tried it on last night and it's super tight around the bust area so i'm guessing that's where some of my weight gain went. I really need to detox in the next week and a half so i look good on the night! (by detox i mean no more overdose on chocolate not starve myself)
I just hate it though as i love wearing high waisted stuff and it looks good on my body but today i wore a pair of high waisted silk lover pants (that cost me heaps from the lover sale in melb recently) and IMO i didn't look as great as i did in them when i first got them :(

wore my wittner patent box bootie heels tonight!

my outfit:

jacket: forever21
top: valleygirl (from like 2-3 years ago haha)
pants: lover by susien chong
shoes: wittner
necklace: diva
earrings: kate hill

So let the detox begin and also, guess what day it is on monday?
it's my birthday on monday! :D
+ i will clean my room so i can wake up to something clean and fresh!


  1. Haha! I got my L's a week or so after my last year 12 exam. I've done zero hours. LOLOLOL!

    I love the F21 blazer <3 It's gorge!

    Ngaw! Dw, babe! Size ten is still good! Size twelve is concerning .. and a tad bit depressing =S LOL! I hope I'm still an 8-10 =O! Should go shopping to test it out! LOL!

    I tried opshopping on Sydney Rd, Brunswick, but .. didn't have the patience for it? I was very sad =( You have a look =) Their Savers is huuuge! And they have a quite a few opshops around =D

  2. Oooh wow $20 for the gwen stefani perfume, thats awesome! Ive never smelled it before.
    & I love your shoes, soooo cute!!

    Mann I am so bummed about my fake MAC know the one I wrote about on my blog. I posted about it on the forums and people were like yeah thats incredibly fake...
    ARGH! 2nd time Ive been caught out by fake MAC. Thatts it. I have had enough, and I am going to march into a MAC store and buy myself a REAL MAC product and know that its authentic! lol

  3. that's great news, always knew you'd pass! and those are the cutest shoes ive ever seen!! great outfit and advanced happy birthday!

  4. Congrats on getting your learners permit and Happy Early Birthday :) Nice buys... and $20 for perfume?! I need a new one that isn't overpowering ... I really like your outfit, esp the f21 coat!

    Maltese are so cute. I will definitely consider one when I move out one day =)

  5. Congrats getting your L!... lol~ It's so strange saying that since we don't use that term. I knew you would pass since you're one smart cookie! :)

    What is the size difference from Europe and US? Do you happen to know?... hehe~

  6. Congratulations on your L! You'll be driving in no time!

    What lip colour are you wearing? It's gorgeous!

    And an early happy birthday for monday!

  7. Hi Cecilia! Wow, my Mom's name is Cecilia too. <3

    Kudos for getting the learner's permit. Don't be too sad with the weight gain, I'm sure you'll lose those pounds in no time. And Advance Happy Birthday!

    Lots of love,

  8. Stumbled across your site and I'm a fan for sure. You're a stunning girl with a killer sense of personal style. I dig you. I hope you had an amazing birthday! :)


  9. That blazer is absolutely gorgeous <3

  10. Love your outfit! I've always been iffy about white pants, or well, white bottoms in general. So scared I can't pull it off.

    Definitely don't worry, you'll lose it in no time!

    Congrats on your L's and the bargain ^^ Happy Easter!!

  11. oh my goodness, those lover pants are so so divine; they look like they're the perfect cut and fit. i'm trying so hard to find a decent pair of tapered/peg leg trousers and portmans had some on their website as a display but when i went into their stores, they didn't have it. they were perfect cuts too. :(

  12. i totally love that skirt and jacket.
    you have the cutest damn clothes. <3


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥