Saturday, April 3, 2010

moon + stars ♥

48 hours till i'm 18-woohoo! :D Unfortunately ASOS has decided to have a sale and that means my savings have gone down again. I really do need that new job soon or i'll be busking on the streets soon. I'll be one of those untalented acts though.
In improving news, i weighed myself today and i've lost 2kgs (4.4lbs) of the weight i gained, dunno how since i haven't starved or exercised so i think the drinking a lot of water does help detox your body.
In really depressing news, Sammy has been sick lately and very 'emo' like. I'm so worried but the Vet would cost $155 due to public holiday (easter season) so we might wait till tuesday where it only cost $49 unless Sammy gets really bad then we'll take him to the animal hospital (which is open 24/7) and pay the $155. He's just been shaking and whimpering full on and he only eats when we actually hand/spoon feed him. We were all so worried as he was shaking so much it was like he was having a fit and at times he'd just stand in one spot for an hr and shake uncontrollably. He's so depressed too, he's hardly moving. However before we gave him a grilled chicken drumstick and he ate 2 of them haha and then i went to the supermarket and came back and he was like running around again and more happy than he has been. He's still ill though and i'm so worried so hopefully he recovers even more tomorrow.

Sammy before he became sick; (it would be inappropriate to take pics of sick individuals hence old photos of sammy)

& used one of the NYX eyeshadow trios i recently got to do this look;
~MAC painterly paint pot as base. NYX white e/s on inner lid, layered with NYX ballerina e/s on inner lid. NYX tropical e/s on mid to outer lid, NYX silver e/s in crease & outer v. top lash line winged out with liquid liner. My real lashes (as per always) with CG lash blast.
wearing on lips NYX summer love l/s layered with NYX juicy cherry lipgloss in first pic.
wearing on lips NYX black label l/s in dusty rose in second pic.

What i wore:
top: random boutique
skirt: forcast

So yes happy advance easter sunday tomorrow lovelies! :D
enjoy the choc easter eggs and happy holidays!


  1. Oh no, I hope sammy gets better!

  2. oh that puppyyy. hes too precious poor sick babyyy.<3
    have i ever told you that YOUREGORGEOUS?!
    i love thatskirt.<3

  3. From what I read on your post, it sounds like Sammy might have gotten a cold/flu. It also sounds like he gotten better since he's running around. It's best to get him check though since I'm no vet... hehe~ It's good to hear he's getting better! :)

    Happy early birthday!

    Thank you for answering my question on sizes! It sounds like I'll feel skinnier with US sizes... lol~ :X

  4. oh no! I hope Sammy gets better! <3

  5. Check him over for ticks, my dogs get all emo and lethargic when they get one.

    If you do find one, smother it in vaseline and let it work its own way out.


  6. Because of you, Cece, I bought 4 new skirts! I am soooo diggin' the way you tuck in loose, flowing shirts into skirts =)

    Btw, I will keep Sammy in my prayers. I hope everything is ok for him and you.

  7. I hope Sammy gets better! It's so horrible having a sick pet.

    Love your makeup in this post. Yay for your bday! I'm excited!

  8. I hope your doggie feels better soon!

    I can't wait for your 18th this weekend! I already got your pressie yesterday!!!

    Congrates on the effortless weight loss! I have probably gained like 10kgs over the last 2 days since I have been munching on chocolates non-stop!


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥