Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my 18th week lovelies! :)

hello all! so sorry for the big delay in posting- i have been super duper busy this past week.
thank-you so much for the birthday wishes- it will take me a while to reply to everyone's but i promise i will ♥
i did quite a lot for my birthday week so i will give a photo journey! :)

first off make-up on saturday night for birthday dinner;
~Urban decay primer potion as base, MAC painterly paint pot on top. MAC all that glitters e/s on inner lid, MAC sumptuous olive e/s on mid to outer lid, MAC knight divine e/s in crease & outer v. Wearing NYX spell bound or louisiana l/s on lips (not sure) ♥

on monday- i had take out & dinner with the bestfriend who came over with lots of goodies for my birthday present. ♥ you darling. including 2x inglot palettes which i shall hopefully be doing some FOTDs with! :D

on tuesday- the bestfriend took me out for lunch on lygon street, was very sweet of her as it is very exxy there. We had gelato at this yum yum yummy gelato bar then we headed off to a gourmet restaurant where i discovered bloody marys taste like crap :p

the bestfriend slept over and on wednesday night we went to swinburne's nerd party at seven night club. Unfortunately the organizers were a bit stupid :) as about at least 1000 people rocked up and they had a place that could only cater for 200. We rocked up at 8.40pm (it wasnt supposed to start till 9) and that was early but there was already a massive line. They made everyone wait an hr then told them to go home, wth? There were like hundreds behind us in line too. So the city was filled with uni students dressed as nerds.

on saturday- i had my dinner and outing with friends. was quite a lovely although random night! my feet were killing me for two days after though (and one toe is still numb) after dinner, we headed off to lumia bar where i shouted a round of absolut vodka shots and we had our lovely cocktails. We then decided to head off to a club a few of my work friends love- Bang. Originally, we were gonna go to chasers as i had made a guest list but we left the bar after 10.30pm and wouldnt have made it before 11pm. Plus i had text msgs and calls from friends who were meeting me there saying it was dead and my best mate went the night before and he said the same thing so that was a nono.
Unfortunately bang wasn't really my scene, too much heavy metal music and a tiny rnb 'room'- it was a nice experience though :) we then headed off to CQ but they would only let me and 2 other friends in (apparently the ugly bouncer has high standards LOL) and so in the spirit of not ditching any friends we headed off to fusion at crown, rip off entry fee & drink prices but was a relief to have some good deejayed music to dance to finally! got home around 4am and went to sleep zzzzzz.

i've received some great presents but really cbf taking photos and jazz but big thanks to carlos t & krissy p as both their pressies were awesome. Carlos' took a few exchanges but now i have a versace pair of sunnies which i will cherish! :D and krissy- got me a few things that i LOVE- you are awesome lovely. i especially love this cute necklace she got me:
and she managed to get me something related to mocha, lippie, starbucks, nail polish & choc wrapped up in a pretty box. so cute & made me very happy!

also my cousin, bao, got me this awesome sony radio alarm clock ipod dock & player with remote thing which i have been using and love!

and the before mentioned versace sunnies!

BIG thank-you to tereza
who got me the most awesome present of all- her friendship *naw corny moment* haha her present(s) had such variety and i loved it :) plus she pointed these sunnies out for me when i mentioned what i was after. She has also been driving me around everywhere and is the best big sis i could ever ask for ♥

I received many other great things which i appreciate so much too, if any of you are reading this- thank-you lovelies!

My ASOS order arrived this week too and i'm happy to report i love everything! i got a dress, a ring and an illamasqua blush. the ring fits perfectly! on the same day my strawberrynet order arrived too. Only got one thing & for such a bargain price! the stila contouring kit for $6 delivered :D
(pictured with illamasqua cream blush in 'rude')

it's sammy!

tata lovelies :) i am still waiting on 3-4 more orders from ASOS to arrive and can't wait! many outfit of the days coming up :D


  1. oh Im happy that you had a marvelous birthday celebration! awesome things you got! and you look amazing, love the whole look! love the dress <3

  2. great photo's! i love the versace sunglasses <3

  3. Woow you got versace sunnies, nice!
    And Im glad you liked your present from meee...Im like hmm, she likes mocha, so get her a bunch of mocha-related products :P haha
    Oh and I noticed you got the stila contouring kit....you have to let me know how that goes cos it looks soo intresting!

  4. Oh no, now I feel so bad for your present not arriving yet :S Those sunglasses are hot.

    Hehe, I was wearing Louisiana too (if that's what you were wearing...). And yes, Bang was an experience... a story that I shall pass down through the generations :P

    Oh no, you like Jewel of India? Someone told me to get the other one... maybe I'll just cave and get both. Bad me.


  5. A belated Happy Birthday, Cecilia! Thanks for sharing all the lovely pictures. I always love how you do your makeup, and you look stunning with red lips!

    Btw, I have exactly the same Versace spectacle case! :) The sunglasses are adorable!

  6. happy birthday (a bit late, sorry for that). glad you had a lovely week! you look great in your photos, and so does Sammy!

  7. :) Lovely presents and birthday dress! Congrats on reaching 18 ^_^

  8. I love your lips! They're like *bam*!
    I followed you! Looking forward to read more of your posts. :)


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥