Sunday, April 4, 2010

suit up baby

hello lovelies! so this will be my last post being 17 and pre-adult, tomorrow i shall be 18! i'm so excited as i'm the last one out of my close friends to turn 18.
Also excited for my birthday outing/dinner as i've made some great new friends in the last year and it'll be so much fun to celebrate it with them. (if any of you are reading this- i ♥ you guys!) Also i'm fortunate enough to have an amazing cluster of very close friends who rock. My two bestfriends (tereza & carlos) are amazing and i can't wait to partay it up with them. Tereza, here's your mention darling, you're awesome ♥
I am also planning to get down to a bank and make my debit card a VISA debit as soon as possible. and i will then lose control and shop like crazy, joke ;) not till i get a new job anyway :(

eyes: Urban decay primer potion as base. Sleek sunset palette 1st row 4th color (orange) on inner lid, 1st row 2nd color (red) on mid to outer lid. Sleek graphite palette 1st row 4th color (medium grey silver) in crease & outer v. MAC fluidline in blacktrack to line top lash line and wing out. CG lashblast on lashes.
lips: MAC creme d' nude lipstick with MAC boy bait cremesheen lipgloss on top.

what i wore:
blazer: vintage
top: witchery
jeans: random boutique
necklace: diva

Sammy has made a recovery! he's been great today although he's still a bit sad cos he was sick.
thank-you for all your lovely comments though, Sammy passes on his thank-yous ;)


  1. Ngawww, you look gorge!
    Your hair looks different.
    Did you straighten it differently? LOL!

    And omggggg the 18th excitement (Y)! LOL!

  2. you look sexayyy in those outfit photos! i love the blazer!

    and thats good that sammy is better...its always worrying when you dont know whats wrong with your pets.

  3. 0ooo0 ur g0oinngg to be 18 yayy! gosh that makes me feel old lol lovee your make up in those pics your really good u should become a makeup artist

  4. Yay! I'm glad Sammy's better!

    Makeup helps to relax me, oh how I would love an advanced diploma in makeup. Love this look as well!

    I hope we're still catching up this week! I'll fb you about it.

    Hehe thanks for the banner love. I've been working on my layout like all day (I'm not tech savvy) and now my eyes feel like they're going to pop out of my head.


  5. You look really good!! A very different look - more sexaaaay!

    I love your lashes...I seriously should get Shu Uemura's eyelash curler!

  6. you look gorgeous! i like your sense of style and your dog is SO cute!! xx

  7. Happy Birthdayyyyyy : ) Your an April baby like myself, yay!!!

    I am a new follower : ) I really enjoy your blog.
    Please check out mine ( i hope you follow if you like it too)

  8. love the new fringe mummayy and i do hope sammy's doing fine! carlos has been quite concerning as of late...needs some cheering up. in other words, WOO PARTAYYYYYYY

  9. holy shit you look gorgeous.
    how epic you old fart! hahah
    but seriously thats so EXCITING!

  10. happy birthday! hope you have an amazing day!!
    take care x

  11. Happy birthday darl!

    I love your eyeshadow there, looks hot hot!;)

  12. Happy B'day to you!:D
    and you know how to make up really,you look gorgerous..and love your cute dog! :D

  13. i managed to pick up a number of things from ASOS, let us know what you bought :)

  14. Happy birthday Cecelia! 18 is so exciting :) Hope you had a great night, you looked beautiful!

    Glad to hear Sammy is feeling better too :)

    xx aelie

  15. Happy birthdayyyyyy ! (: (:

  16. happy bday! i hope u had fun in ur bday! i love everything about your look. ur make up looks amazing. and ur blazer is so sophistated. love the look!

  17. I hope you had a great birthday and celebrated with love ones!... hehe~

    Sammy looks cute there and glad to hear he's doing much better!

    Yup, the size differences are confusing... hehe~

  18. you look great<3
    and happy birthday!

  19. the blazer is really gorgeous, happy belated birthday x

  20. Happy belated birthday! You look amazing!

  21. I'm a bit late, but happy birthday hun! You looked fantastic as always :)


  22. pretty makeup you have. hpybdy!

  23. Love your FOTD, very pretty :) Happy birthday by the way!

  24. Belated Happy Birthday dearie! Love the blazer and the eye makeup of course. :)

    Lots of love,

  25. Happy belated birthday! Loving your EOTD very sexy :)

  26. great look. happy birthday again~ i hope you had an amazing time! when i was 18 yrs old, it was one of the best years of my life~


thanks for your comments lovelies! :) xoxo ♥